Modern Apartment in Pale Colours for a Young Couple in Rome by Quincoces Dragò & Partners

Modern Apartment in Pale Colours for a Young Couple in Rome by Quincoces Dragò & Partners

Architects: Quincoces Dragò & Partners
Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Alberto Strada

The flat was planned by the pair Fanny Bauer Grung and David Lopez Quincoces that lead the inside activities of the workplace (established by David 9 years back). It was made for a youthful couple living in Rome who picked up ownership of an altogether different level. It obviously had the staggering components like the windows, perspectives and light, however the inside space division was altogether different with two rooms and a little lavatory. Fanny and David changed the inside spaces totally increasing more private living spaces for the couple (two rooms, an expansive stroll in wardrobe and two bathrooms) whilst as yet keeping an extensive kitchen and living zone.


The planners needed to regard and keep the mind boggling existing climate as in place as could reasonably be expected whilst giving the proprietors a more agreeable life. Thus large portions of the storage rooms are taken cover behind specially crafted white bond tar cupboards with metal handles, that occasionally, as on account of the kitchen, disguise something else like stairs, foyers or apparatuses, to give a perfect look yet being exceptionally handy. The first floor and principle installations were recovered, to keep the spirit of the space whilst another components in dialog with the current were embedded like the sliding entryway was between the kitchen and the living range, that is attracted by existing windows making it another insertion that feels and resembles its dependably fit in with the condo. In general the flat is thoroughly considered in a traditional way, regarding the current yet giving it a more contemporary feel, as seen likewise in the bathrooms done in light travertine where the pores are left open to give more life to the material whilst the cut of every slate and its example is entirely present day, however the general feel is that of an exemplary Roman lavatory.


The couple outfitted the level with some of their very own top picks like the antique berber rug from Altai (in Milan), the atollo light, or the Flavio Carvhalo cowhide seats. Some of David’s furniture for living divani is likewise includes like his Track seat and the starsky wooden side tables. The furniture was complimented the softness of the flat, taking into account the windows and their perspectives to become the overwhelming focus.

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