6 Power Tools You Need for Your Home Makeover

6 Power Tools You Need for Your Home Makeover

Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? For many people, this might seem like an unachievable dream.

After all, who wouldn’t love to hire a professional to give their home the change they desire? But, getting professional help is expensive. It’s much more affordable to give your home a DIY makeover yourself. You can find tons of videos online showing you exactly what you need to do and how.

Even if you start off as a novice, with time and practice you can turn your dream home into a reality. But first, you have to look for the right tools. And, at the moment, there’s no better place than, especially if you’re looking for the best drum sanders.

Why Owning Your Own Power Tools Is a Necessity

Maintaining a house takes a lot of work. You never know what may break or what new additions you may need. If you reach for the phone every time you need help with a minor issue, your wallet will certainly suffer.

For something as minor as hanging up a painting, it’s a waste of time and money to hire a professional. If you have your own drill, you can do this yourself quickly and cheaply.

Being able to use your own power tools can be freeing and a lot of fun. With a little practice and caution, anyone can learn.

A visit to the hardware store can be confusing. You either feel like you need everything you see or nothing you find. Let’s simplify that for you.

Here are six power-tools that you’ll need for a DIY makeover:

1. A Drill

A drill is the one tool you’ll always need. From putting up a painting to unscrewing bolts, its uses are endless.

It’s better to choose a cordless drill so that you can use it anytime and anywhere. Although there are many different types of drills to choose from, you should find one that’s comfortable for you.

For example, a large drill that’s heavy to carry can be very inconvenient, especially if you have small hands. Look for a lighter option that you can hold up for a long period of time; one that fits into your hand like a glove.

2. A Nail Gun

After the drill, the next most useful power tool is a nail gun. A nailer can drive nails fast into any material. That means no more beating a nail down with a hammer! Getting a nail gun is the fastest solution to many problems.

This power tool is the ultimate time-saver as it can put in more nails in five minutes than you can in five hours. It’s a hassle free, safer way to get things done.

A nail gun can help you build all sorts of furniture. It’s a must-have for home makeovers.

3. Laser Levels

Laser levels are devices that shoot laser light that can be used to draw accurate lines – it’s much more accurate to use a level than trying to do it by hand.

Laser levels can ensure accuracy for a number of home makeover tasks. It’s the ultimate tool for installing tiles or putting up decorations and curtains.

This versatile device will ensure you get the job done with maximum accuracy.

4. A Miter Saw

A miter saw is great for cutting angles. When you use it on wood or metal (depending on the kind of blade you are using), you can cut pieces to an exact size. Your material stays stationary while the blade comes down onto it.

Most miter saws come with a built-in measuring scale. This saw is particularly great for woodwork projects such as making benches or shelves.

A medium-sized miter saw is best for almost all types of cutting. Always use a miter saw that has a safeguard. Although you can find portable miter saws, putting up a station maximizes efficiency.

5. A Scroll Saw & Band Saw

A band saw is required for large cuts. For example, if you’re making a cupboard, you will need to cut large pieces of wood. The band saw is powerful enough to tackle large pieces.

A switch of blades can help you cut through any kind of metal. Hence it can be used for making multiple things.

On the other hand, a scroll saw is used for making small cuts. Scroll saws are used to put details on any woodwork.

Not only does it make very little noise but it barely leaves dust. You can work on intricate details peacefully with a scroll saw.

6. A Sander

A sander is needed to smooth down the surface of rough wood. If the wood is not smooth, it can scrape your skin which is not something you want in your home.

A small portable sander can be used to work on surfaces of any size. It will be lighter to hold, enabling you to work for hours.

There are many kinds of sanders out there. Some people prefer large ones, others choose smaller options. It really depends on what works for you, but owning one is a must for home makeovers.


Home makeovers might feel like a pain but it’s worth the trouble in the end. Imagine walking into your kitchen with new cabinets. Or how about a separate section in your bedroom with a walk-in closet?

Having your own power tools gives you the option to make your dream home makeover a reality. No longer will you have to buy furniture from stores or hire expensive professionals to do it for you.

Whether you remodel your garden or give your attic a new look, grab yourself these six power tools and you’ll be all set. The possibilities are endless!

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