Stilted house focused on the quality of the space and material textures

Stilted house focused on the quality of the space and material textures

Architects: Wang Hsiao-Kuei Architecture Studio
Location: Taiwan
Year: 2016
Area: 3.013 ft²/ 280 m²
Photo courtesy: Cheng Chin-Ming

“Located on a hillside in Yunlin and surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery, Stilted house has a broad view of Taiwan’s western coastline for as far as the eye can see.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, the house is raised to preserve the original landscape and provides a better view while eliminating outside interference and maintaining privacy within the residence.

The owner’s religious beliefs advocate natural simple living and focus on the quality of the space and material textures. These beliefs along with qualities are the essence of the building which drives the form.

Located in the middle, the family area is the main activity area and is connected to the living room, a Nakajima style kitchen, an outdoor platform steel staircase that connects to a pool underneath the house surrounding both sides of the house. With a total of four private suites, each suite can enjoy a corner bath and enjoy the panoramic views.

The corridor of the house allows the owners not only to enjoy the adjacent views but also emerges them in the natural beauty of the entire region.

The living space is under a sloping roof that creates a tall and spacious environment. The floor to ceiling windows bring in the beauty of the surroundings and create a tranquil living space. Outside the balcony invites the white clouds and the surrounding mountains into the house. With the changing of the four seasons the landscape creates beautiful views and resembles an indoor forest within the living room, creating leisurely mountain life.

The use of steel allows for the reduction of use in concrete and makes construction easier on the mountain side, leaving less of an environmental footprint. Teak doors and windows increase the warmth of the space and a shingled inclined roof with stainless steel mesh and railings incorporate modern materials. The use of simple furniture and a quiet space bring a harmonious appearance of space for the owner.

Quiet, tranquil, rustic, harmonious shows the representation of the house.

The house itself is also a scene of the mountains with a humble gesture into the environment; giving inhabitants a comfortable feeling in order to have a richer life.”

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