Tea House by Archi-Union Architects

Tea House by Archi-Union Architects

Architects: Archi-Union Architects
Location: Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
Year: 2011
Area: 3229 sqft
Photo courtesy: Zhonghai Shen

The Tea House, situated in the patio of Archi-Union’s J-office, is built from the rescued parts of the first distribution center’s caved in rooftop. The site was amazingly tightened with dividers on three sides, and with one and only side confronting towards a nopen space that contains a pool. The space was further confined by an adult tree.The plan tries to exemplify congruity by incorporating fenced in area and openness, delightful space and intelligent development and other confused relations.


This building reactsto the site’s surroundings; the arrangement design is an intelligently darken quadrilateral, in this manner boosting the measure of space. It is separated into three sections. A secured open range is shaped towards the open space with the pool, with an encased tea house at ground level and library on the first floor where a little triangular gallery stretches out around the current tree. Other more private spaces exist, for example, a parlor, perusing room and benefit room whichare organized towards the back of the building; a delightful transitional space was made to interface people in general space and the private spaces.


The transitional space was composed around a wound nonlinear hexahedron staircase, which unites the practical spaces. The stair determines the vertical transportation issue fromthe tea house and the library and gives an internal patio close to the perusing space for survey the current tree. The space was intended to convey another experience to a customary utilitarian space. Straight space all of a sudden changes into an expressive structure, surging from the tea house then changing into a tranquilspace for the library on the floor above, making the perusing room an extraordinary spot to sit.


The volume is a three-dimensional unpredictable shape which is difficult to be comprehended through arrangements. The scripting so as to contort shape was planned in Grasshopper an algorithmic module for Rhino. However such a shape is hard to decipher into quantifiableinformation for managing development. The requirements of manual development obligedus to create arrangements at the season of development to understand the progressed computerized plan with nearby low-tech development procedures. Firstly we dreamy the basic skeleton which was in this way filtered with advanced programming.


This bended shape was then recalculated through intertwining straight lines; these lines were then framed into ruled surfacesfilling the void. The dividing wassetto the measurement of timber, hence the computerized ‘setting out’ could be effectively interpreted into a physically constructible shape. A 1:1 timber system was delivered by taking after the same rationale as the advanced model; a subdivided timber covering secured this structure to make a bended structure work. The structure work was manufactured through a progression of upper and lower layers as per the development succession. The throwing was practically the same as standard solid throwing, fortified with re-bars taking after the straight lines of the ruled surface.


Solid throwing after the fortified bar was finished by difficult work and the last physical impact was accomplished. The hints of the timber formwork remained engraved on the poured concrete after development, with quality absconds, for example, bubbles, cement disappointments and re-bar presentation present because of the manual development – imperfections, in any case, that are clouded by the exceptional bended shape. Despite the fact that there are errorsofin the formwork, arranging and manual throwing the mix of advanced outline and low-tech manual development gave an incredible chance to consider the potential outcomes of digital architecture.

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