Chalet Matten in Zermatt, the Ultimate Luxury Wooded Mountainside Chalet

Chalet Matten in Zermatt, the Ultimate Luxury Wooded Mountainside Chalet

Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
Year: 820 sqm
Area: 5,315 sqft
Photo courtesy: Chalet Zermatt Peak AG

Situated in one of the world’s most desirable and iconic locations, Chalet Zermatt Peak is Zermatt’s new premier chalet with panoramic views over the village and to the iconic Matterhorn.Chalet-Zermatt-00

Exceptional Luxury

Chalet Zermatt Peak is a landmark chalet in one of the most desirable locations in the world. Set into the side of the mountain, it offers unrivalled panoramic views across the village and to the Matterhorn. No expense has been spared in creating Zermatt’s ultimate and most luxurious chalet.


An Exclusive Location

The iconic Matterhorn towers over the picturesque village of Zermatt, which remains one of the leading ski destinations in the world. The appeal of Zermatt lies in the array of exhilarating sport and mountain activities on offer, coupled with the quality of amenities available in the village. Zermatt is as much about rest, relaxation and good times as it is about breathtaking ski runs and snowboarding.


Individual Design

In addition to its perfect location and awe-inspiring views, Chalet Zermatt Peak has been impeccably designed and built with outstanding attention to detail by internationally renowned designer and developer Paul Bowyer. Floor to ceiling windows maximize the views over the village and mountains. Internally, the chalet offers five bedrooms all with en-suite showers / bathrooms and dressing areas, luxury open-plan living and dining areas and a fabulous wellness, boasting a stunning indoor / outdoor jacuzzi, gym, sauna and steam room. There is also an external cooking and dining area, ski room and walk-in wine cellar.

Chalet-Zermatt-02-1 Chalet-Zermatt-02 Chalet-Zermatt-03 Chalet-Zermatt-04 Chalet-Zermatt-05 Chalet-Zermatt-06-1 Chalet-Zermatt-06-2 Chalet-Zermatt-06-3 Chalet-Zermatt-06 Chalet-Zermatt-07-1 Chalet-Zermatt-07-2 Chalet-Zermatt-07-3 Chalet-Zermatt-07 Chalet-Zermatt-08 Chalet-Zermatt-09 Chalet-Zermatt-10 Chalet-Zermatt-11 Chalet-Zermatt-12 Chalet-Zermatt-13-1 Chalet-Zermatt-13 Chalet-Zermatt-15-0 Chalet-Zermatt-15-1 Chalet-Zermatt-15-2 Chalet-Zermatt-15 Chalet-Zermatt-16-1 Chalet-Zermatt-16 Chalet-Zermatt-17-1 Chalet-Zermatt-17-2 Chalet-Zermatt-17-3 Chalet-Zermatt-17 Chalet-Zermatt-20 Chalet-Zermatt-21 Chalet-Zermatt-22 Chalet-Zermatt-23 Chalet-Zermatt-24 Chalet-Zermatt-25

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