City Beach House by Cambuild and Banham Architects

City Beach House by Cambuild and Banham Architects

Architects: Cambuild and Banham Architects
Location: Perth, Australia
Photo courtesy: D-Max

With clean lines and a moderate stylish, there’s an unmistakable resort feel to this home configuration, made to supplement the clearing waterfront sees and novel geology of our customer’s City Beach square.


Intended to grasp the vistas and northern light, yet give security from the road, this shrewd home will be a real asylum.


Height is along these lines the key subject inside of this very bespoke venture, both truly (all indoor and open air living and enthralling zones are on the top floor) and profoundly, with the shining pool and glass waterfall passage proclamation setting the tone for a home imagined to unwind the brain and lift the spirits.

City-Beach-House-02 City-Beach-House-03 City-Beach-House-04 City-Beach-House-05 City-Beach-House-06 City-Beach-House-07 City-Beach-House-08 City-Beach-House-09 City-Beach-House-10 City-Beach-House-11 City-Beach-House-12 City-Beach-House-13 City-Beach-House-14 City-Beach-House-15 City-Beach-House-16

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