Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architecten

Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architecten

Architects: Hans van Heeswijk Architecten
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2011
Area: 2,900 sqft
Photo courtesy: Studio Csany

While the front of this waterside house, on the as of late created island of IJburg close Amsterdam, is clad in punctured aluminum boards, the back is totally coated, with the goal that occupants can watch the sun set. Some of these boards are situated behind windows and can be opened consequently to permit light to enter. The waterfront façade, by difference, is totally open and orientated to the perspective. On the second floor, some portion of the volume is discarded to make space for a screened rooftop porch. Average of Van Heeswijk’s plans is the utilization of “ageless” materials, for example, glass, steel, cement and wood.


The tactile experience is to a great extent controlled by the straightforwardness accomplished and a streaming openness that reaches out from high to low and from enormous to little. Situated in the focal point of the arrangement is a center (the ‘enchantment box’) that ascents the full threestorey stature of the building and is wrapped in wenge timber for acoustic reasons. The center contains stockpiling storage rooms, a latrine on each floor, links and a dumbwaiter. Openings in the floor sections make twofold tallness spaces in the substantial groundfloor feasting territory, a first-floor living region and second-floor main room. Sees turn out to be progressively all encompassing towards the highest point of the house. Balustrades made of glass guarantee unhindered perspectives from the galleries.


The house is intended to oblige the family’s method for living. At the point when changing garments in the washroom, they toss the clothing into a tube that conveys it down two stories to the clothes washer. Once washed and pressed, the garments are conveyed back upwards on a little lift. The greater part of this underlines the powerful and proficient outline of the house.


Van Heeswijk took the chance to outline just about everything exceptionally for his home. From furniture, racks, restroom furniture, seats, cupboards, chimney, long feasting tables, a kitchen island with inherent pastry trolley to the entryway handles. The entryway and window fittings are currently in the accumulation of Post and Eger, arrangement ‘Wave’.

Rieteiland-House-05 Rieteiland-House-06 Rieteiland-House-07 Rieteiland-House-08 Rieteiland-House-09 Rieteiland-House-10-1 Rieteiland-House-10 Rieteiland-House-11 Rieteiland-House-12 Rieteiland-House-13 Rieteiland-House-15 Rieteiland-House-16 Rieteiland-House-17-1 Rieteiland-House-17 Rieteiland-House-18-1 Rieteiland-House-18-2 Rieteiland-House-18-4 Rieteiland-House-18-5 Rieteiland-House-18 Rieteiland-House-19-1 Rieteiland-House-19-3 Rieteiland-House-19-4 Rieteiland-House-19-5 Rieteiland-House-19-6 Rieteiland-House-19 Rieteiland-House-20 Rieteiland-House-21 Rieteiland-House-22 Rieteiland-House-23 Rieteiland-House-24 Rieteiland-House-25

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