Promenade Residence by BGD Architects

Promenade Residence by BGD Architects

Architecture: BGD Architects
Location: Isle of Capri, Queensland, Australia
Size: 6,523 sqft / 606 sqm

Arranged on a select private road, the proprietor bought this waterfront property with the perspective to draw in a planner to make their fantasy home. The house was intended for a group of four with the brief to accomplish perfect spaces for work, rest and play.

_MG_6290The interior arranging required a cunning parity to accomplish a place of private spaces with expanded standpoints to the Surfers Paradise horizon. Corten steel screens wrap the first floor rooms giving a cover to the room spaces confronting the waterway and the street.


The way to deal with the house, displays an organized and grounded configuration, adjusted by the fragile screen example and delicate arranging. Around evening time, the house changes to a gleaming light, inviting visitors for the perspectives to come. Section by means of the side arbor bit by bit opens upon a liberal inside patio which looks through the primary living range, surrounding the city horizon. A noteworthy configuration highlight was the incorporation of an extravagance two story space to the waterfront edge with custom twofold story sliding entryways. This empowers perspectives to be brought directly into the house’s heart and over the inner yard to the road receiving areas.


Every layer of coating and the waterfront screens can be hauled back verging on outside of anyone’s ability to see to permit the house to breath easily throughout the day. Louvered coating has been used all through the home to advance cross ventilation by means of normal breezes. The indoor/open air waterfront room, gives a multifunctional augmentation that profits by the property district and atmosphere conditions.


The outside gets done with including reused timber, corten steel and cleaned cement give a low support and contemporary arrangement. The inner completions compliment the outer shading pallete and give a functional and wonderful tasteful. Underground water tanks, sun oriented high temp water and LED lighting were joined to guarantee proficient living for the proprietors and diminished natural effect.

_MG_6076 _MG_6098 _MG_6148 _MG_6152 _MG_6192 _MG_6208 _MG_6217 _MG_6227 _MG_6229-Edit _MG_6232 _MG_6242 _MG_6245 _MG_6248 _MG_6249 _MG_6258 _MG_6259 _MG_6266 _MG_6268 _MG_6322 _MG_6330A _MG_6336A _MG_6341A _MG_6344-Edit _MG_6766-EditPhotos courtesy of the architects.

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