Brentwood Residence by Jamie Bush & Co.

Brentwood Residence by Jamie Bush & Co.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Jamie Bush & Co.

The owners of this home had a taste for mid century pieces, some with pops of colors and some more on the natural side. They have three young children and wanted something playful but also adult enough to grow into as they mature. The focus was on having variations of the theme of a bright pop of color in each room grounded by a more natural palette of materials.

Brentwood-Residence-01 Brentwood-Residence-02 Brentwood-Residence-03 Brentwood-Residence-04 Brentwood-Residence-05 Brentwood-Residence-06 Brentwood-Residence-07 Brentwood-Residence-08 Brentwood-Residence-09 Brentwood-Residence-10 Brentwood-Residence-11 Brentwood-Residence-12 Brentwood-Residence-13 Brentwood-Residence-14 Brentwood-Residence-15 Brentwood-Residence-16 Brentwood-Residence-17 Brentwood-Residence-18

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