Pebble Beach Residence by Conrad Design Group

Pebble Beach Residence by Conrad Design Group

Architects: Conrad Design Group
Location: Pebble Beach, California, USA
Photos: Steve Ravano

A new idea of the California contemporary home as planned by Conrad Sanchez of the Conrad Design Group. Conrad’s work has been distributed in Architectural Digest, Luxe magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle.


This fantastic mid-century home is planned around an open arrangement living zone with focal hearth, gourmet kitchen, three rooms, each with private showers. Intended for enlivening, the back mass of the colossal room opens to make a wonderful indoor-outside setting for gatherings.


The yard highlights an outside kitchen and eating range, flame pit, lounge territory and hot tub. The house is uniquely outfitted, fitted with wonderful custom points of interest. It offers an eminent level of extravagance in a private setting. This home perfectly characterizes the focal coast way of life with a definitive indoor-outside way of life.



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