Residence 1414 by Miró Rivera Architects

Residence 1414 by Miró Rivera Architects

Architects: Miró Rivera Architects
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Photos: Paul Finkel

The first 1940s house endured a disastrous expansion in the 1980s. The patio perspectives were hindered by an overwhelming chimney and little windows; then a fenced-in pool, block patios, and roofed arcade all served to isolate as opposed to bring together the scene.


MRA’s objective was to restore the outside of the house in this memorable neighborhood while changing the insides to acquire light and give a superior association the outside. A straightforward material palette was utilized to keep up a harmony between the conventional parts of the first house and the cutting edge upgrades required by this group of four.


The carport was revamped to incorporate an upper level rec center, visitor anteroom, and porch. Underneath the porch an open air living space initiates a formerly ignored yard. A Sol Lewitt model, unmistakable from the principle rooms of the house, builds the profundity of the yard and gives a fresh and geometric point of convergence.

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