6 Tips to Incorporate Hollywood Glam into Your Home’s Interior

6 Tips to Incorporate Hollywood Glam into Your Home’s Interior

When we think of Hollywood glam interior design, we picture sophistication, luxury, timeless beauty, and a distinct old-world charm. Hollywood’s allure arises from its air of glamour and indulgence. Who wouldn’t want plush textures, rich colors, and dazzling accents in their home? We have compiled a list of 6 tips to incorporate Hollywood glam into your home’s interior.

1. Statement Furniture and Accents

Think dramatic silhouettes, oversized pieces, shimmer and shine, and ornate details. All of these Hollywood glam aspects bring a sense of grandeur and splendor into your home.

Start with oversized seating such as elegant chaise lounges, a large plush, modular sectional sofa, tufted armchairs, or an elegantly curved sofa for some drama. Accentuate that drama with other vintage furniture featuring ornate carvings, legs, and details. This could be in the form of intricate backrests and carved motifs.

Now, to add shimmer and shine, you’ll need gold, silver, brass, crystal, and metallic elements. You can apply this to trims, finishes, and hardware such as pieces with gilded frames, metallic feet, and other decorative metallic accents. These materials reflect the light, therefore, creating a glamorous atmosphere. 

Instead of porcelain, consider dark and muted gold, crystal, or glass vases, doorknobs, and other accents.

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2. Embrace a Distinctive Color Palette

Your color palette is crucial in the interior design industry since it sets the tone for each room in a home.

Start with neutral background colors as a backdrop for your dramatic elements in your Hollywood glam home. We’re talking cream, beige, gray, white, and charcoal. For a slight twist, go for pastels like eggshell blue, mint, and coral. Neutrals create a calming environment. 

Once you’ve solidified your background, it’s time to embrace drama. Contrast and build on to it with bold colors. Choose furniture and accents in deep red, royal blue, emerald green, and amethyst tones. Colors have an impact on our emotions. And these rich colors are energizing, stimulating, refreshing, and spark creativity.

3. Create a Focal Point

You’re going to need a strategically placed statement item. A focal point brings purpose to the room, anchoring the design composition.

Rooms with grand fireplaces, impressive staircases, and large windows with amazing views already have an interesting architectural feature to be the center of attention. Otherwise, opt for an intricately carved headboard in one room and a unique coffee table in another.

Draw the eye to a focal point through artwork that aligns with your personal style. This could be a captivating painting, an intricate mural, a gallery of your own black and white photographs, old movie posters of Hollywood stars, or old American-style signs.

A tip to create your dream home is to have a mirror as a statement piece. Consider a mirrored sunburst, a mirrored console table, or a glamorous mirrored vanity with a dramatic silhouette.

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4. Luxurious Fabrics

Velvet, with its soft nature and lustrous sheen, looks and feels luxurious. Velvet is a fantastic, indulgent choice for upholstery, drapery, and decorative pillows in royal colors.

Silk is also perfect for upholstery, in addition to curtains and bedding. Silk is highly prized. No doubt due to its delicate, smooth, and comfortable texture, and its refined natural shimmer. Satin has a similar glossy surface that reflects light, adding a subtle sheen to your bedding, pillows, and drapery

Brocade can also be used for upholstery, drapery, and other accent pieces to add regality. This material’s raised patterns woven into silk and other rich fibers bode well for the desired Hollywood glamour.

Cozy faux fur mimics the inviting look and feel of real fur. Add faux fur throw blankets, accent pillows, and rugs for visual interest in your home.

5. Dramatic Lighting

Remember that your lighting choices affect your mood and the colors and materials you’ve incorporated. So, it’s an essential component to consider in any interior design venture. Light is what divines, defines, and divides. 

How much natural light does a room get? And if you need to add a lot of artificial lighting, how will the sources affect the energy of the room?

We mentioned glittering, shiny, crystal-style elements. Install a shimmering crystal chandelier to add this element and act as your focal point in a room. 

In other rooms, your wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps should be laden with intricate designs and ornate details. This will incorporate layers of lighting, creating a warm atmosphere. Dimmers allow you to control light intensity and set the exact mood you’re aiming for in a particular room.

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6. Bold Patterns

As a final touch to your Hollywood glam home interior, make use of bold patterns in your fabrics, lighting, furniture, and background. Think big here! Go for decadent.

Geometric, zig-zag, and criss-cross shapes are classic Hollywood glam patterns. For example, choose checkerboard floors in large black and white squares for a striking contrast. Mosaic tiles in your living room will also leave a distinct impression. 

Geometric shapes also work for light fixtures and oversized, prominent furniture pieces. Use your faux fur fabric to bring in animal patterns. And introduce floral patterns through your brocade materials.

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