Seven Essential Design Elements Every Home Should Have

Seven Essential Design Elements Every Home Should Have

How we decorate our homes is intrinsically linked to who we are. Our homes reflect our personality as we want to create a space that we feel comfortable in. However, the pressure to get it right and make decisions can be a little overwhelming. In this article you will find several essential design elements every home should have.

The trick to a successful house design is to first know how design works. There are seven elements to the designing process that can guide you and give you some structure. Once you’ve learned these, no housing element will seem too complicated. 

You’ll be a design whizz in no time and will be able to design anything from a bathroom to an outdoor storage facility

What are the Seven elements of design?

1. Space

The first thing to consider when designing any room or outdoor area is the space you must contend with. There needs to be just the right amount of negative space. This is the space around objects such as furniture and accessories. This means that the positive space is taken up by any furniture or paintings you might have in a room. 

Consider how you would naturally move around the room and what flows best. For example, you wouldn’t want to have a chair near a door, as this makes it more difficult to move around. 

Consider the purpose of each room as well. Are you going to be bringing in dinner plates or drinks? What obstacles could get in the way? All these elements can feel overwhelming, but once you’re used to a space, it should become easier to know what you want. 

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2. Light

The next element to consider is lighting. Again, start with the natural light: where are the windows, and in what direction are they facing? 

You’ll also need to consider light fixtures and whether the room calls for warmer or colder lighting. Warm lighting tends to be preferred, but there might be occasions where a cooler light makes the most sense. 

3. Color

Color is the next important design element that has the most difference of opinion attached to it. To color or not to color? And if you do want color, how much is too much?

If you’re new to bringing color into the home, why not consider a statement wall? Or, if that still seems too drastic, a colorful painting to bring some life into the room. You could also use a colorful sofa or throws to accessorize until you feel comfortable. Then, of course, you can always add more! 

4. Line

When we talk about the line in interior design, we mean bringing in horizontal and vertical elements to make a room appear bigger and taller.

For example, adding a long table might give the illusion of a longer room. Or installing a faux fireplace in the center of a living room could make the room seem taller. It’s all about making smart design choices to give the illusion of space.

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5. Form

Similarly to the line, form is also a vital aspect to consider. Think about how you want the room to make you feel. We tend to want a living room or a bedroom to feel soft and comforting, so going for rounded shapes can give that feeling.

Bathrooms want to feel clean and precise, so sharp lines and geometric patterns can help give this feeling to a room. 

6. Pattern

The pattern is another element that can change the feeling of a room. Squiggly or rounded patterns are great for cozy rooms. 

Bright and energetic patterns are perfect for kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, making you feel lively and excited. 

7. Texture

And last but not least, texture. This is another important factor, especially if you have children at home. Kids are very in tune to touch, so getting as many tactile textures into a room can help them learn about their world

Considering all of these design elements can help structure the design of your home or outdoor area. So whether it’s a new kitchen or an outdoor storage facility, you’ve got the knowledge to create a great new design. 

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