Corallo House, The House with a Tree in The Living Room by Paz Arquitectura

Corallo House, The House with a Tree in The Living Room by Paz Arquitectura

Architects: Paz Arquitectura
Location: Santa Rosalia, Guatemala city, Guatemala
Year: 2011
Area: 747 sqm
Photo courtesy: Andres Asturias

Situated on a thick slope woods in the Santa Rosalía range of Guatemala City, Corallo House incorporates the current woodland into the format of the house. It combines nature into the engineering intercession. The configuration process started with the plan to save the current trees, so as to have the trees connect with the living space.


The floor arrangement is free of sections and the adjustments in level adjust to the current geography. Both façades are for the most part glass with a specific end goal to unite the inside to the outside. The principle auxiliary segment is uncovered cement, which demonstrates the natural composition of the wood formwork, permitting a dialog between the formal component and the textures of the forest.

Corallo-House-00 Corallo-House-01-1 Corallo-House-01-2 Corallo-House-01 Corallo-House-02 Corallo-House-03 Corallo-House-04 Corallo-House-05 Corallo-House-06-1 Corallo-House-06 Corallo-House-07 Corallo-House-08 Corallo-House-09 Corallo-House-10-0 Corallo-House-10 Corallo-House-11 Corallo-House-12-0 Corallo-House-12 Corallo-House-13 Corallo-House-14 Corallo-House-15 Corallo-House-16 Corallo-House-17 Corallo-House-18 Corallo-House-19 Corallo-House-23 Corallo-House-24 Corallo-House-30 Corallo-House-31 Corallo-House-32 Corallo-House-33 Corallo-House-34 Corallo-House-35 Corallo-House-36 Corallo-House-37 Corallo-House-38

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