House in Waga-Zaimokuza by Architect Cafe

House in Waga-Zaimokuza by Architect Cafe

Architects: Architect Cafe
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2010
Area: 103 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ito Akihisa

Looking to give a liberal living space regardless of the little parcel, the house highlights a hoisted outside greenery enclosure that opens up the living and eating space.


Portrayed by a straightforward road confront, the configuration regards the inside space as though it were a stage complete with an arrangement of drapes that can be drawn from two-step up. The primary type of course – a midway set winding staircase – is in plain view and can be unmistakably seen from the road. The inside expression is uniquely done in uncovered plywood with concrete and wooden ground surface.


A second, mezzanine level neglects the principle space and highlights a catwalk that delineates the void territory, giving access to the inhabitants to open the coated dividers. The kitchen, eating and living space is obliged on the upper story and offers most extreme security from the road. Cantilevering marginally over the front, the top volume opens up to an outside yard to the back. from that point, an expansion set of steel stairs pave the way to a broad roof top terrace.

House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-02 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-03 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-04 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-05 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-06 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-07 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-08 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-21 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-22 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-23 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-24 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-25 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-26 House-in-Waga-Zaimokuza-27

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