Casa Jones located in near the city center of Brasilia, provides great interaction with nature

Casa Jones located in near the city center of Brasilia, provides great interaction with nature

Architects: Patricia Almeida Arquitetura
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Edgard César

“The house is located in a residential area of Brasilia that despite being in the city center, provides great interaction with nature. Given the urban planning requirements of the district, the project focuses within the minimum limits of recess from the access road so the entire background could be occupied by the green area, as requested by the customers.


The project starting point was the couple’s desire to have a house that integrates with the landscape, combined with the functionality and aesthetics.


Our goal was to bring the landscape into using the architecture. The project designed from the outside in shows full integration between the interior and exterior, and through large openings and skylights, it values the natural lighting and ventilation.


The impenetrable surfaces of the main façade guarding the findings surprise reserved for those who enters. Daylighting happens many ways, but its main impact comes from above and it is present in almost all the house’s rooms. The sky can be seen from various parts of the house.


This natural light brings light and breaks the straight lines’s coldness, valuing the materials used and providing a better use of daylight that also feeds the heating system through solar panels.


For the ventilation, large openings were proposed, slat panels and skylights that along with high ceilings provide an internal temperature always pleasant. With a simple and rationalist proposal, the project was designed as a whole, from the party that favors straight lines and pure forms, through the structure and coming to detail, where natural materials were valued.


The overlap of the two boxes is a unique architectural structure, but with use and different internal compositions. The assembly is interconnected by metal and wood ladder structure that functions as a central axis defining a movement flows by internal spaces.


With the shift between the two boxes, the architecture gains a stylish and contemporary volumes, combining the aesthetics and completely open to the garden and closed to the access road, the lower box received the main access, garage and social areas integrated into the green and the gourmet areas through large panels with aluminum frames and clear glass; while the upper box, with virtually blind side gables, houses the intimate area.


The rear facade opens completely to the sky and the garden and have their privacy preserved through large slatted sliding panels that can be opened in various ways. These panels exert light filter function at the same time maintaining the natural ventilation.


The materials choice retrieves the Brazilian house features in a simple palette of concrete, glass and wood. It focuses on the use of relatively few elements, the appreciation of space and natural light, creating a neutral base, which enables the house evolve and become together with its members.”

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