5 Interior Design Trends to Welcome 2022

5 Interior Design Trends to Welcome 2022

We’re welcoming the new year with a look into the up-and-coming interior design trends of 2022! We’ve seen the best of 2021 in many modern homes, from natural lighting to sustainable decor, and interior designers flocked to incorporate plants into their design to appease homeowners with a passion for indoor gardening! Keep on reading to find out 5 interior design trends to welcome 2022.

2021 was the year that we got to see a lot of natural elements like branches of cotton, dried foliage, and lively plants that covered homes in awe of nature. This year, we look forward to different trends and see whether the trends of yesteryear go against the test of time.

Will the natural look carry over to the next year, or is it time to consider different trends? Next, we dive into the upcoming home design trends that will be popular among homeowners and designers in the coming months.

1. Refreshing Renovations

2022 brings a new year of hope and creativity as homeowners design their houses to match their personalities – inside and out! A major trend in 2022 would be customization, where homeowners are showing off their individuality through refreshing renovations that bring out the best of their interior design.

From a full repaint of the house walls to major renovations that require a bit of construction expertise, homeowners everywhere are looking to start the new year with a bang of hammers and nails as they commission a living space that highlights their best preferences!

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2. Cocoa Tones

Designers can find a newfound love for chocolate and cream hues as these tones are deemed the latest trending color schemes for the interior design trends to welcome 2022! Tones of Wood Ash, Chocolate Brown, and Whipped Cream are the Pantone favorites of designers and homeowners alike, and these will definitely play a part in interior design this year.

Cocoa tones are warm, natural, and neutral hues that present a feeling of peacefulness in any living space, bringing them back into the mainstream after being left in the ’90s. These tones compliment natural aesthetics perfectly and provide stunning contrasts against Egg White decor and wooden furniture popular with home designs nowadays!

3. Plaster Pottery

Anyone who has been following trends would know the ‘hack’ for creating imitation plaster pottery using cream-colored paint and a pinch of baking soda. Yet, nothing beats the real thing as unglazed or matte-glazed plaster pottery is making a comeback in the interior design space! 

Homeowners are finding a taste for pottery that accentuates a room, and no other finish provides the same neutral feel as plaster. Plaster pottery blends perfectly into the background, allowing other elements to shine while taking the spotlight as a neutral piece. Plus, these are functional too, containing flowers and plants that add to the aesthetic appeal.

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4. Very Peri Pantone

The Very Peri Pantone has been chosen as the year’s color, and naturally, more whimsical homeowners include this color in their living space. As a mix between blue and violet, Very Peri gives off an energetic yet calming vibe and a soft, pastel finish that works well in children’s rooms, pet rooms, and vibrant accents in house decor. 

 The lilac-meets-indigo hue is reminiscent of the carefree confidence, creative passion, and individuality we express when we show our true selves. The color is great for accent pieces in paintings, furniture, bedding, curtains, and more! We’ll be sure to watch out for Very Peri as it makes its way into design magazines when more homes pick up the color.

5. Back to Nature

Finally, we’ve answered the long-standing question: is nature still in? Yes, natural aesthetics continue to thrive through the top 5 interior design trends to welcome 2022 as designers and homeowners alike ingrained a penchant for natural elements in their home designs! From wooden furniture to marble slabs, natural aesthetics are here to stay and are versatile as they are popular.

In going back to nature, interior designers are using uncommon natural resources never-before-seen in homes yet are deemed more sustainable in the long run as consumers welcome the materials with open arms. Bamboo fabric, mushroom foam, and straw marquetry furniture are just some of the uncommon materials increasingly used in homes today.

The natural aesthetic ties in with the trending cocoa tones that designers are eyeing for their next project. These elements meld together well to create a warm and inviting yet calm and comfortable with sustainability as the focal point of these designs. We’re sure to see additional innovations in interior design using unconventional, eco-friendly materials!

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