Steel Study House II by Archipelontwepers

Steel Study House II by Archipelontwepers

Architects: Archipelontwepers
Location: Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Marcel van der Burg

Leeuwarden is a commonplace town in the north of Holland. The scene in this locale has been vanquished from the ocean and along these lines it is generally level and comprises of green polders, dykes and numerous lakes.


The building plot of Steel Study House nr.2 composed by Archipelontwerpers is arranged on the fringe between the town and the open farming scene which encompasses the town. The house mirrors this division, the façade confronting the town is likewise some portion of this fabricated environment. On the inverse side anyway you have a superb perspective over the lake and the open field. This complexity in introduction is the substance of the outline of this house: on one side the shut and rural connection with the town and on the other side the open perspective of a belvedere.


This uncertain connection with the town has prompted an alternate typology. Typically, detached houses in Holland are arranged amidst a plot. Interestingly with this the Steel Study House no.2 is utilizing the complete building plot and leaves the center of the site void. The complete system of the house is orchestrated around the porch. The volume depends on a straightforward orthogonal lattice structure of 6 x 6 meters and is directly adjusted in distinctive zones with a rotating beat of open air and indoor spaces.


The manor is an extensive abiding with roomy and open settlement zones, while in the meantime, this living arrangement is not a huge gathering of shut isolated rooms. All the distinctive rooms have a perspective into the yard. Because of this spatial association each and every room of the house is a piece of a bigger space. From the yard you have a radiant perspective over the landscape.


On the west side of the house, the alleged town side, the rooms can be totally detached from the perspective of the area by making utilization of programmed worked blinds. From this side the house is gotten to by a rising path which is the association between the house and the general population walkway. Underneath the passage there is a vast descending incline, which is the section to the carport in the storm cellar.


Much the same as the Steel Study House no.1 the idea for the Steel Study House no.2 was to plan it utilizing lightweight pre-assembled parts. Amid the procedure this idea has been brought above and beyond, it has turned into the first model which has made utilization of prefab steel parts of the “Assortment building framework”.


The configuration of the Steel Study House models are a persistent lab for the hunt and meaning of the contemporary house inside of the always advancing urban environment of the city.

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