Benefits of Power Si to Your Plants

Benefits of Power Si to Your Plants

Every home gardener knows that plants need certain nutrients to survive. Those nutrients include obvious ones like nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K), which come in just about every fertilizer, but serious growers know that a good plant feeding regimen will also include micronutrients such as silica. Read on to find out about the benefits of power Si to your plants.

What Is Power Si?

Let’s start with the basics. Power Si is a line of silica products designed by expert gardeners. Each product in the line contains a slightly different form of silica that can be used in caring for your plants. These products encourage natural growth, large yields, and resistance to biological stressors such as bacteria and fungi.

There are many types of silica, but Power Si sticks to using bioavailable forms such as silicic acid. Though plants don’t need silica to survive, they need it to thrive. Therefore, all serious growers should introduce this essential micronutrient into their soil or hydroponic solutions for the reasons discussed below.

Plants Need Silica to Form Strong Cell Walls

Plants use silica in all its forms to build strong cell walls. By fortifying the walls of its cells, a plant can increase its strength and vigor, leading to larger plants and heavier yields of vegetables, flowers, and other products. After all, thicker cell walls mean bigger stalks and stronger stems.

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Stronger Cell Walls Increase Nutrient Uptake

Plants with large stalks and stems can absorb nutrients and water faster than their weaker counterparts, leading to rapid growth. The increased nutrient absorption speed also leads to the more efficient production of leaves, flowers, and fruit. No matter what kind of crops home growers or gardeners want to grow, large, healthy plants that can perform efficient nutrient and water uptake will always provide larger yields.

Increased Resistance to Environmental Stressors

When plants are subjected to environmental stress, they can resist pests and diseases. Although growers have carefully calibrated hydroponic setups, their plants will almost certainly be subjected to some forms of stress throughout the growing season. Whether that stress occurs in the form of abrupt temperature changes, sub-optimal humidity levels, or drought, plants that have been fed a steady diet of silica along with their macronutrients will be better able to withstand it.

Plants that get plenty of silica won’t just develop stronger cell walls that improve their ability to withstand environmental stress. They’re also better at fighting pathogens since the plants can send silica to damaged sites to selectively fortify those areas against fungi and bacteria. Plus, since silica accumulates primarily in a plant’s epidermal cell walls, biting and sucking insects will have a harder time wreaking havoc on crops.

Power Si Makes Quality Products

The thing about silica is that not all forms of it are alike. To help their plants, growers must provide silica in bioavailable forms such as silicic acid. Advanced products such as Power Si Granular go one step further by creating a stable matrix that maintains the silicic acid in an active state to remain available to the plants for up to a month at a time. Since not all silica products are created equal, it’s always worth investing in high-quality nutrient solutions.

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