In-house Plants For Creating Your Personal Green Oasis at Home

In-house Plants For Creating Your Personal Green Oasis at Home

There are many reasons why we have plants in our homes. Creating a green oasis in your home could mean comfort and tranquility. Some use them solely for decorating purposes, to create an expression through the plants, while other people use plants to achieve a better indoor climate with cleaner air.

Many people claim that they cannot take care of plants and therefore cannot have any. But there is a plant for everyone. It’s important to choose the “right” variety depending on who you are and how you live.

In the article below, we suggest some types of plants and ways in which they can embellish your home.

Types Of Plants For Your Home

Before you buy new in house plants, you can find out if they will thrive in your place. Some plants grow better in bright and warm corners in the room while others can be placed in darker or colder nooks and hallways. By buying both plants that like sun and shade, you can fill the whole room with greenery, while making sure that they’ll prosper in your green oasis.

Below we list some of the most popular ones that will surely suit your needs and décor.

Monstera Minima

The monstera minima is a trendy tropical houseplant with lobed leaves and has a shorter growth than other monstera plants. The advantage of this plant is that it can grow in a sunny room and it works both as a table and a floor plant. To keep it healthy and thriving, water it once a week during warmer days and once every two weeks during the winter.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

The mother-in-law’s tongue, also known as the snake plant, is a very easy plant to take care of. It has a characteristic appearance and grows slowly but gets very large in height. Mother-in-law’s tongue thrives in both the sun and shade and it is better to let it dry out properly between waterings.

Jade Plant

This is an allergy-friendly plant that is also not tricky to take care of. It’s a popular kind that grows slowly and can get very old. The jade plant likes to be placed in sunny windows, but can also be left in the shade. Allow it to dry thoroughly between waterings. It cannot stand to be watered too much, so even this plant can suit the slightly forgetful person.

In-house Plants For Creating Your Personal Green Oasis at Home

Ways To Decorate

The best time for decorating with green plants is without a doubt at the moment because when it comes to creating a warm and cozy feeling in the interior, plants are a winning element. But it’s not just about which plants you choose – you should also know how to use them to enhance the space. 

Join and Mix Different Plants

This is easy to do and looks so nice when completed. When it comes to creating a beautiful group of plants, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits, but something that can be good to think about is choosing varieties that bloom in the same place in the home when it comes to shade and sun.

Invest In A Statement Plant

Dare to invest in a fiddle-leaf fig or an olive tree. The common denominator? They are large plants that attract the eye and create the feeling of being outdoors while inside the comfort of your home. These plants fit just as well in a larger living room as in the bathroom.

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Place The Plant Pots On The Floor

Do you perhaps lack a window sill but still want to create a better light entry or simply make an empty corner in the home more fun? Try placing one or more plants on the floor. If you choose more than one, a good tip is to choose some in different heights to create a more dynamic interior vibe.

Hang Them High

Hanging green plants is a fun and attractive way to decorate, and the area of use extends far beyond the window. Hanging flower pots look as great mounted next to the bed as they do above the desk in the living room.

Final Thoughts

It’s always pleasing to enter a room where green plants decorate the windows or a corner of a room. Liven up a forgotten nook in your home with a beautiful monstera minima or mix plants and smaller trees of different sizes, growing styles, colors, and leaf shapes to obtain that special atmosphere in your living space.

Experiment with the above mentioned plants and use the simple tips and tricks to spruce up your home and turn it into your green oasis.

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