5 Ways to Incorporate Solar Lights into your Home Lighting

5 Ways to Incorporate Solar Lights into your Home Lighting

Using solar lighting in your home is a great way to harness the sun’s energy to help you save money on your energy bills. And with so many styles and designs available for different areas, it’s no wonder many homeowners are trying to incorporate solar lights.

Solar lights add a bit of sparkle to a garden and outdoor areas in the evening, and it looks all the more impressive during spring when the flowers start flourishing. 

Fluorescent solar lights are a thing of beauty that illuminate gardens and patios at night. 

They are not just for saving you money, but for design purposes also, and if you want to incorporate them into your home, here are five great ways to get you started.

1. In between flowers and trees

One of the great advantages of using solar lights in your garden is that they are portable, meaning you can move them around to light up areas where electricity doesn’t allow.

If your home garden has lots of beautiful flowers and trees, adding some solar lights in between flower beds and hanging from the trees looks mesmerizing at night time. 

Landscape colors of red, yellow, purple, and orange intensify as the sun goes down when lit up by fluorescent solar lights, creating a picturesque view. Plus, they don’t attract pesky insects, unlike electric lights.

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2. Light up the porch

Porches are the perfect location for relaxing outside, overlooking the landscape, and installing a few solar lights around the porch gives it a dramatic facelift at night – especially if you install hanging lanterns.

If you want to go stylish, you could cover the solar lights with colorful lampshades from Dorval Lighting to reflect the light in different colors to match the exterior decor.

Illuminating the front porch with solar lights is easier because they don’t require electrical sockets. Still, they also help protect yourself and guests at night when entryways aren’t visible.

3. Spotlights

Since solar lights have become popular on the market, you can now purchase solar-powered string lights to hang around your garden.

String lights look incredible hung around tree branches, along walkways, and over plants. They add to the landscape ambiance and draw attention to all other areas.

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4. Walkways

It’s hard enough at night trying to make your way indoors without tripping over objects on the walkway, especially if you have kids with outdoor toys.

However, solar lights can light up that walkway like a Christmas tree so that everyone who enters or exits the house can see the walkway, reducing the possibility of an accident. 

Install them on either side of the walkway if you want to create that WOW effect!

5. For your security

It might not be the best way to defuse potential burglars from entering the premises, but criminals are more likely to avoid homes with well-lit gardens and pathways. 

Consider solar floodlights with motion sensors that track any movement in the vicinity and automatically turn on. 

Solar floodlights also help conserve energy by only switching on when movement is detected. They are great for winter when the sun goes down, and the kids still want to play outside in safety.

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