Marcus Beach House by Robinson Architects

Marcus Beach House by Robinson Architects

Architects: Robinson Architects
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Photo courtesy: Robinson Architects

The future house for a resigned couple was the brief for this beachside house. The site is moderately steep, which permits direct section from the road level to all fundamental living spaces with visitor convenience on a lower level. From the road, the building seems low in scale, whilst as yet increasing great rise on the shoreline front.


Cantilevering upper floor components joined with a scaffold structure breezeway limit let the house drift over the dunal vegetation giving the building a feeling of softness about it.


The fundamental cantilever is 6 meters This is effectively accomplished with 2 long steel pillars underneath floor that run the length of the building ending at the farthest degree of the cantilever.


The greater part of the rooms are cross ventilated. Computerized windows permit simple control. Water overflow is collected and characteristic day lighting is utilized to minimize the measure of counterfeit light required.


Various decks with adaptable substantial scale openings are utilized to catch or control the predominant seaside breezes. The inward extension offers a quiet distinct option for breezy winds outside. Water spillover is gathered and characteristic day lighting is utilized to minimize the measure of simulated light required.

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