House in Estoril by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

House in Estoril by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

Architects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos
Location: Estoril, Portugal
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: FG+SG

Incorporated into Estoril’s private neighborhood, in a low thickness urban range, the House stands carefully in a plot where the green prevails. Characteristic and manufactured live here together as a common augmentation of one another, associates in building up a spatiality which is proposed to be dynamic in the portrayal of its environment.


Through straightforwardness, and taking as a reason the redevelopment and restoration of a current house, the mediation tries to defeat the anomaly of its unique structure. Hence, gigantic volumes that are subtracted from one another advance a solid picture, on which the controlled decision of materials proposed to improve the shape as “entirety”. Inside, the adjustment of existing spaces for the new lodging program means to uncover a reasonable combination of the social domain, more uncovered, and the administration region, which shows up in the progression of this zone to a more ensured region in the terrace.


The fundamental passageway is on the north-side, in the coherence of the greenery enclosure, and opens onto another greenhouse, quickly toward the south. Between the two patio nurseries, takes after a grouping of interconnected spaces, whose cadence is uncovered, all around, by the absence of visual snags.


The dissemination space, seen as a void, penetrates the intercession and makes the circulation between the entrance to upper floor through a dematerialized stairway, the administration zones (cloakroom and can) and the social zone, which includes the corridor, the workplace/library, the front room, the lounge area and the kitchen.The association of the cozy territory of the house, situated on the upper level, arrangements to capitalize on regular lighting, through the opening of vast windows and the production of patios.


It is arranged that the absence of typological and formal responsibility between the parts that make up the entire goes about as an impetus for a progress, advancing the adaptability of spaces and guaranteeing, in the meantime, the wellbeing and the reaction to the requests of the individuals who advantage specifically from them.

House-in-Estoril-02 House-in-Estoril-03 House-in-Estoril-04 House-in-Estoril-05 House-in-Estoril-06 House-in-Estoril-07-1 House-in-Estoril-07-2 House-in-Estoril-07 House-in-Estoril-08-1 House-in-Estoril-08 House-in-Estoril-09-1 House-in-Estoril-09 House-in-Estoril-10 House-in-Estoril-11 House-in-Estoril-13 House-in-Estoril-14 House-in-Estoril-15 House-in-Estoril-16 House-in-Estoril-17 House-in-Estoril-18 House-in-Estoril-19 House-in-Estoril-21 House-in-Estoril-22 House-in-Estoril-23 House-in-Estoril-30

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