Panorama House by Ajay Sonar Architect

Panorama House by Ajay Sonar Architect

Architects: Ajay Sonar Architect
Location: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Year: 2014
Area: 4,305 sqft / 400 sqm
Photo courtesy: Hemant Patil & Monali Sonar

“We ought to endeavor to bring nature, houses and the individual to a higher solidarity” – Mies van der Rohe. The Panorama house is determined to the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam in Nasik. The backwater is confined by the wonderful Sahyadri mountain extends that render the whole site like an ideal dream.

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With such a setting the expectation couldn’t have been more less complex than to make a space that just casings the untainted picture and to observe the brilliant plays of climates and seasons that vitalize that photo flawless perspective. The thought here is to work with the base in configuration, space making furthermore materials. Being a liquid space, it likewise obscures the lines between the inside, outside and the nature past.

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On account of this straightforward goal, the house was imagined as a basic Pigmented solid cuboid coordinating the dirt shade of the encompassing, upheld over an even matrix of thin Miesien segments. A kind of an interesting concurrence of largeness and slimness – more like, Corbusier wedding Mies to make a remarkable sub-tropical house sort.

Panorama House by Ajay Sonar-03

The solid shell and the steel segments are orchestrated in a way that the solid shell cantilevers on every one of the four sides. A screen of full stature sliding window boards keep running in the middle of sections and form the perspective considerably facilitate. The cantlevering section of the solid shell past the windows makes a smooth move into a verandah.

Panorama House by Ajay Sonar-04

The administration pieces are dealt with as autonomous items set inside of the solid shell in a way that they just portray spaces by their vicinity yet never totally seperate the space. This guarantees a natural development with the house rather than a formalized zones of development.

Panorama House by Ajay Sonar-05

This house outlined by us joins just three materials in a promise to keep up the virtue of space furthermore as a basic stand contradicted to the present patterns of utilizing verging on vast number of false materials and manufactured completions though we have accomplished the majority of this in a solitary R.C.C piece, right from the roof design at the base to cleaned solid floor on top. The shade of the encompassing soil and mountains blends with the structure to give us a chance to see it as a solitary unit.

Panorama House by Ajay Sonar-06

However lovely we attempt to be, structural planning eventually is the sythesis of three dimensional components made of genuine materials set up together to shape a space. Thus, materials are of most extreme significance to form this verse. As a youngster everybody esteems recollections of drawing the sun ascending from two mountains and impressions of it in water and winged creatures taking off in the sky. We subsequently attempt to outline these prized minutes towards unendingness.

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