Jaro Krobot design the Wooden Brick House set near the forrest in Lučatín, Slovakia

Jaro Krobot  design the Wooden Brick House set near the forrest in Lučatín, Slovakia

Architects: Jaro Krobot
Location: Lučatín, Slovakia
Year: 2014
Area: 1.001 ft²/ 93 m²
Photo courtesy: Martin Karšňák

The house is implicit Lučatín, a little town in focal piece of Slovakia. This delicate environment has unmistakably set the points of confinement and inputs – volume of building, scale, urbanism of town, wood as a material – both auxiliary and visual.


There has been a more established block house remaining on the site of the new house. Its condition was poor, therefor it has been supplanted by new development. The volume of new house repeats the first one.


Destruction of an old wooden outbuilding in the back of the property was not a simple choice, in spite of the fact that it opened up a radical new view into the characteristic encompassing without exasperating the musicality of road. Existing nearby stone divider and coniferous trees were taken as settled points of interest to speak with.


House design is a minor departure from the nearby customary building – tree primary spaces (- receiving area as a living zone, kitchen in the center, the back room – room), associated by site hall (called pack). This hallway, expanding trough the entire house is shaped into practical spaces (passageway, storage rooms). Alltechnical hardware is gathered in focal center to minimize plumbing.


Because of the character of the site, ecological effect got into thought. Notwithstanding the structure of wood it was likewise wanted to reuse materials from old building and stables. This has been accomplished just to some extent – an old house was disassembled and the material appropriated to different developments in the territory, however wood of horse shelter was not beneficial and couldn’t be utilized as cladding material as planned. Still, all supplier firms were taken from the encompassing territory.


Development of the house is wooden – for this situation, the Swiss framework called STEKO, created in a joint effort with ETH Zurich. These are blocks made of strong spruce wood, which can be loaded with various protection. The wooden part of the building including the rooftop has been implicit five days, which is a major point of interest of this sort of development.

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