An Efficient guide: How to Properly Clean Your House

An Efficient guide: How to Properly Clean Your House

When it comes to cleaning your house, people seem to have divided opinions. Some love the process of cleaning because they find it therapeutic, whereas others dread the day they need to clean their house. No matter what category you fall into, you must know how to properly clean your house.

If you’re just doing a weekly clean, you can simply clean the important things, but if you plan on doing a thorough, deep clean, there are a few important things you need to know, and this post is here to share them. 

1. Get rid of odors

You need to understand that there are multiple layers of cleaning. There’s the first, superficial layer – such as if you wipe down something or vacuum the carpet. Then there’s a more intensive cleaning that adds an extra level of cleanliness – such as if you get a professional company to clean your carpets. But even if you do this, there might still be some problems, such as deep stains or odors. 

For tackling these issues on your own, consider using a vacuum that’s designed for deep cleaning. Simplicity vacuums, for example, are engineered to penetrate the fibers of your carpet, ensuring that the dirt and dust that’s deeply embedded are removed effectively. This can help mitigate the need for frequent professional cleanings, allowing you to maintain a deeper level of cleanliness with your regular home maintenance routine.

If you have pets, the odds are that a few areas in your house smell unpleasant even after you’ve cleaned them, so a good place to start can be to get an odor removal specialist to help with this.

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2. Take it slow

We know you might be tempted to speed through the cleaning process so that you can be done with it as soon as possible, but this isn’t the best strategy.

When you rush the cleaning, likely, you won’t be cleaning things as effectively as you should, and rushing also kills your productivity.

This is why you should focus on doing things slowly and properly, even if it means you have to spread the cleaning process out over a few days or weeks. 

3. Do it regularly 

While you might not want to break out the cleaning supplies every month, you should seriously consider doing an intensive cleaning of your house more often. This way, dirt and other problems won’t build up so much, which means that while you may be cleaning more often, it won’t be as big a job. 

Of course, this also depends on what you need to clean – for example, you likely need to clean the interior of your house more often than you need to clean the exterior.

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4. Clean everything 

Finally, you must remember that when you want to properly clean your house, you must clean everything. Even if you haven’t used it, and even if it doesn’t look dirty.

Think about it – those old beer mugs that have been sitting at the back of your cupboard, unused for years, have probably gathered a lot of dust and could do with a good wash. 

You should also clean things that you can’t necessarily see. Most of the time, when we see that something is dirty, we clean it. But when it comes to drain pipes, it’s easy to forget that they get dirty simply because you’re not reminded of them as often. So if you need some help cleaning a clogged drain, give this post a read. 

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