Buying real property in Dubai for more than AED 100,000,000

Buying real property in Dubai for more than AED 100,000,000 – is it a wise solution? 

The real estate market in the UAE boasts of luxury apartments of different costs. The abundance of variants makes investors contemplate on making wise decisions with the biggest number of benefits. However, the experts claim that demand breeds supply and developers intend to introduce the off-plan property of unbelievable style and chic for buying real property in Dubai.

Foreign investors who want to buy real estate in Dubai in 2022 desire to obtain a special house of extreme luxury. For this reason, the developers started to prepare several projects and even have already launched some of them. 

Opinions of off-plan property developers

The developer Alpago Group has a strong opinion on this matter. Having a comprehensible experience in the real estate business and launching successful projects, he says the following: «The Dubai real estate market is ready to accept deals on luxury properties priced from AED 300 million (US$81.68 million) because there is real demand behind these properties». The company focuses on developing the residences priced from AED 120 million (US$32.67 million) and above.

«There is a clear shortage of supply in the super-luxury housing category in Dubai, and developers are getting very many requests for such housing every week,» says Syed Azim Mehroz, CEO of the Alpago Group, which is building six villas in the so-called “billionaire street” on the man-made Palm Jumeirah. Then he added: «Dubai’s luxury real estate is highly regarded by global investors, and this predetermines inquiries and sales».

Some other organizations also agree with Syed Azim Mehroz and assure investors about the first-class quality of the off-plan apartments. Establishing a price of more than AED 100,000,000, the investor must get all the best and even some additional special facilities. On the other hand, professional maintenance and exceptional quality cannot be sold cheap. 

Reasons to develop luxury off-plan property in Dubai  

The opinions of successful developers are purely objective and based on the changes happening on the market. These are some of the most convincing facts.

  • The super-luxury villa in Palm Jumeirah was sold for AED 128,000,000. Pay attention to the fact that it is still in the process of construction, while the two others are ready to find their owners. 
  • The Dubai Land Department confirmed one more transaction of more than AED 317,000,000 for apartments. 
  • The three-level penthouses are tested in Palm Jumeirah and have already raised the interest of foreign investors. 

All the above-mentioned items prove the increasing demand for apartments of outstanding quality, so-called super-luxury houses. 

The Best Amenities in Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina
Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

The peculiarities you pay for in the off-plan property 

Due to the competitive element in the real estate market and demand for apartments with unusual or superior facilities, the developers bring the craziest ideas into life. Let`s have a look at what you get choosing one of the off-plan properties. 

  • Home cinemas that feature the level of the world premium cinemas 
  • Gyms of the same level as the professional ones 
  • Taking the square footage of several floors
  • High ceilings and surfaces made of natural materials 
  • Personal lift 
  • Private swimming pools of colossal size and sun lounges.

The advanced facilities may vary depending on the type of apartments or the ideas of developers. To acquaint yourself more closely with a property of the highest possible standards, visit Emirates.Estate. The team of professionals provides each client with detailed information on property options and possible hidden peculiarities. 

The state of luxury property market in Dubai 

Successful transactions and satisfied owners of chic property demonstrate that the asking prices are really justified. Besides, their aim is not to perform a speculative purchase with a minimum down payment and find a new buyer willing to pay more.

Instead, such deals are based largely on instant cash payments, or if not, on terms in which payments are made within a short period of time. Most of the deals done in Dubai to buy houses worth AED 100,000,000 or more were for end-users or those who want to use Dubai as their base of residence for most of the year. 

The creative minds of talented designers and developers never stop, offering more and more unique and intricate options. In such a way, buying a super-luxury house of more than AED 100,000,000, you attach yourself to the future advances.  

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