Making The Foundations For A Fantastic Green Space

Making The Foundations For A Fantastic Green Space

Flourishing green spaces are the new feature of American homes, following a huge resurgence in residential gardening and farming, as highlighted by USA Today. More and more Americans are getting on board with sustainable measures in the landscaping world, and for many, that means a wholesale restructuring of the land they once gave over to the hallowed American lawn. Making the shift towards an eco-friendly space starts with the very foundations that the landscape sits on, and what impacts future developments upon it. Keep reading to find our some tips for a fantastic green space.

Roots and substrates

It’s important to understand what underlies your garden and how it contributes to the health of your plant-life, the structure of your green spaces, and what you can achieve. An important part of this is understanding the good – and bad – that tree roots can do. Tree roots are noted by the USFS to help contain water, an important part of conservation, and providing a net-like quality to preserve soil.
However, trees can also create problems in terms of the physical appearance of your land, and in terms of damaging infrastructure. Arborist industry veterans 72 Tree Roswell note the impact that untreated tree roots can have on gardens – even a green-oriented one. Ensure that what’s going underneath your landscape is up to shape before you start work.

Ground preparation

A garden that can retain the soil quality, water and minerals that make plants happy is a truly green one. The RHS advocates the use of water retention granules in soil, and in the case of landscaping, you can take this one step further by looking to prepare soil and under-layers in a way that helps drainage and retention. Water retention granules can, and should, be used as part of this.

Transformative landscaping

Before you get your beds and plants into place, you can actually perform work with the shape of your landscape to make the garden an eco-friendly one – for current and future generations. Wind-beating formations are, in particular, effective, both at improving the natural growth of your garden without the need for fertilizer or extra energy usage, and for keeping the home warm. Looking into minor adaptations like these can create awesome landscapes that blend in while providing real green value.
Creating foundations of this type will mean that your current and future gardening plans are always done in an eco-friendly way. Making the basis for your plant life sustainable today and in the future is a great way to do your bit for the planet – and retain style with it.
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