10 Summer Bedroom Design Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2021

10 Summer Bedroom Design Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2021


So you’re looking to do something different with the bedroom. A change of season is the perfect time to mix things up and create a whole new look and feel. When it comes to seasonal changes, you want ideas that are simple yet brilliant with impact items you can trade out to completely transform your space for the season. We’ve got the fun, fabulous summer bedroom design ideas for 2021 you’ve been looking for.

1. Change Up Your Palette

Now, let’s be clear. We’re not talking about painting your walls. That’s not something you want to commit to every season. So instead, opt for a neutral palette in the bedroom that you can accent with color in line with the changing seasons. For summer, we love colors that remind us of a beach vacation, so beach gray, ocean blue, cool pastel pink, or a rosy beige.

2. Create a Theme

What says summer to you? Maybe you love weekends at the lake, a week at the beach, or sailing. Bring your perfect vacation feel into your bedroom with a theme. Coastal themes are hot in 2021. And it’s no surprise since 2020 stifled vacation plans for many. Add some coastal accent like seashells your child gathered on vacation, a tropical plant, netting, or marine themed throw pillows strategically placed across your sustainable mattress. A good mattress supports you for a more restful sleep no matter the season.

3. Choose the Right Bedding

For maximum comfort on warm summer nights, choosing light bedding is essential. It’s time to fold up the heavy quilts and comforters. Put those soft flannel sheets in the closet. You don’t need them. Trade it all in for light, airy cotton sheets and a thinner duvet. Keep a blanket folded nearby if the temperatures do take an unseasonable tumble. Elle recommends “doubling down on designing a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary”. It’s always a good investment in yourself, your health, and your happiness.

4. Say, Yes, to Accent Pillows

Accent pillows can instantly change the look of a room, and no one will judge you if you throw four or five across your bed. Opt for patterns or chunky stripes to create a breezy look to your bedroom.

5. Baskets a Plenty

Now, don’t overdo it. The goal isn’t to clutter but to accent a distinct flavor to your space. A few strategically placed quality baskets can do the trick. Whether you opt for wicker, bamboo, willow, or honeysuckle, baskets can bring a natural summer feel indoors. And yes, they’re functional too! Invest in some large, sturdy statement baskets to warm up a drab corner in seconds.

6. Trade Out Your Frames

In the winter months, you might opt for snowy scenes, dark colors, or family-oriented images. But it’s summer, so trade them out for ones that communicate in the language of nature, light, and floral. If you really like the art or pictures, consider swapping out the frames for the season. This is a simple way to give art that’s been on the wall for ages new life and renewed appreciation.

7. Bring the Summer Blooms Indoors

If you have summer allergies, feel free to trade these out with artificial ones, which are looking more real every year. But if you can, treat yourself to a bouquet of freshly cut flowers at least once a week. You deserve it.

8. Let the Sun Shine In

Choose window coverings you can close to block light when you need that quick summer nap, but during the day, design your bedroom to flood with natural light. More sunlight in your space will give you the energy you need to wake up for your day and a contrast with the darker evening when it’s time to let the mind and body wind down into dreamland.

You might even choose to swap out heavier, darker curtains for lighter summer ones. In 2021, people love sheer white, horizontal stripes, and floor-length roman shades, and beach house blue hues.

9. Bring in More Natural Wood

Nothing says summer like bringing the outdoors in, so choose natural, eco-friendly accents to add to the space. Light wood statement furniture like rattan or cane add an airy and spacious feel.

10. Don’t Undervalue Artificial Light

The days may be longer, but this is your sanctuary after all, so it’s important to achieve the right lighting when you want to snuggle up with a book or someone else. Try adding some matching lamps or trading out lampshades seasonally to go with your palette and theme.

2021 Summer Bedroom Design

A summer seasonal design change could be just what you need to revitalize your bedroom and welcome in warmer days. Whatever transformation you choose, remember to put comfort first, and invest in more permanent items like furniture and mattress you can spruce up with the season to enjoy all year round.

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