Casa Sas-Sen by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos

Casa Sas-Sen designed by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos

Architecture: Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos
Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Year: 2008
Area: 860 sqm

Arranged amidst the Valle de Bravo timberland, San-Sen House is a stilt house with a metallic structure incased in wood and glass. The single story house contains three rooms, living territory, kitchen, and a few galleries and porches under wood radiated roofs. Its secluded configuration gives each space of the house a visual association with the common environment.

From our first way to deal with the site, and our first way to deal with the venture’s outline, we consider the venture’s quintessence and natural surroundings. We deplete each plausibility so as to determine every part of the configuration. We are not attempting to be unique, despite what might be expected, the times’ majority the outcomes are exceptionally basic, direct, and immortal…

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Photo courtesy of  Jaime Navarro.

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