5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

The farmhouse decor is one of the biggest trends out right now, and for good reason. It has a certain charm that denotes simplicity, good taste, and country aesthetics. It also combines well with other styles such as modern, boho, and rustic. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or the country, a farmhouse works in almost any setting.

Not sure what farmhouse is? Learn more about it here.
Here are some ideas to give your farmhouse tinkering a boost and help you find ways to add a touch of farmhouse to your home.

1. Farmhouse Wall Lighting & Dark Accents

Dim lights – either glass or metal – are a common theme in farmhouse lighting. Take, for instance this wall light with a long glass shade and a dark brass finish. There are many elements to consider just from this lighting fixture that helps create a farmhouse aesthetic. Throw in a traditional-styled nightstand, and this room combines some of the farmhouse’s classic finishes with a nod to years past.
5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

2. Comfy and Natural Elements

Another element of farmhouse centers around comfort. Stiff, hard sofas don’t fit well in a farmhouse home. A farmhouse home centers around family elements, and that means places that are comfortable for being around each other, talking about the day, playing games, and laying around. A large L-seat sofa with many pillows is the perfect setting for a living room. Add any natural material-based ottoman to compliment the lounge area. 
5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

3. Match With a Rug

Since a great farmhouse decor incorporates distressed woods, wrought iron finishes, and earthy, natural color tones, there are a couple rugs that compliment these elements well. Look for rugs with natural fibers, geometric designs, of even a cowhide rug.
5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

4. Go Natural

While most dining rooms incorporate wooden furniture, look for lighter brown materials in your furniture for that distinctive farmhouse decor. This dining room pulls it off, plus with a traditional styled circular rug.
5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse To Your Home

5. Enter into Farmhouse

The entryway is often overlooked when it comes to design, yet it can make a huge statement. Consider a reclaimed or natural wood-styled credenza or side table to put your things down when coming home, some potted plants, and tie it together with a farmhouse-style rug
5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor To Your Home

Conclusion – farmhouse decor

Adding decoration is one way to give your home the farmhouse feel but going a step further by incorporating it into the architecture is another way. If doing a home design soon, check out these farmhouse homes for more inspiration.

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