Saganaki House by BUMParchitectes

Saganaki House by BUMParchitectes

Architects: BUMParchitectes
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2015
Area: 690 sqft / 64 sqm
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The venture is the augmentation of a little parisian triangular house, based on a plot of 26m2 (280ft2). The current home, composed on 3 levels, had couple of characteristics: complex geometry, hard to outfit and live, lessened surfaces, low quality development, entirely dim, with a mono-arranged north exterior …


Task components are auxiliary freedom of new development (Micro heaps exceptional establishments), creation a first extra level complying with the geometry of the most extreme plot in order to advance the usable region, and the development of a Second level, off-pivot, permitting both to pick up another introduction (west) and uproot two little rooftop porches.


Notwithstanding the current façade (mortar, unmodified), the new levels have a separated compositional style: zinc cladding for the to start with, wooden cladding for the second, so express both the stack, the chain of command and the peculiarity of the spaces made.


By the same rationale, the four staircases of this PARISIAN five levels house are not superimposed and have geometries and differents angles . On and voyages home “from the cellar to the storage room” until the patio, so sequenced and shifted, intersection floors personality clean.


The custom furniture upgrades storage room while highlighting the intricate geometry of the arrangement. The utilization of shading (white) and materials (wood) for all completions (floor, divider, roof) and insides, makes the connection in the middle of levels and conveys solace and clarity to living spaces.

Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-05 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-06 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-07 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-08 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-09 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-10 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-11 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-12 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-13 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-14 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-15 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-16 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-17 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-18 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-19 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-20 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-21 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-22 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-23 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-24 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-25 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-26 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-27 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-28 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-29 Saganaki-House-by-BUMParchitectes-30

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