Recanto Chácara Flora Residence by Vasco Lopes Arquitetura

Recanto Chácara Flora Residence by Vasco Lopes Arquitetura

Architects: Vasco Lopes Arquitetura
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2012
Area: 11,152 sqft / 1,036 sqm
Photo courtesy: Fran Parente

The house is situated on a slanted site with access to two boulevards. The walker access is by the road arranged in the upper side and the auto access is by the road arranged in the lower side of the landscape.


The house has three stories, one of which is a storm cellar carport. Encompassed by a broad green range with thick vegetation, the house incorporates splendidly with nature and its implantation regarded the first arrangement of trees. From the entire house it is conceivable to see the treetops and the living and lounge areas patios allow the consideration of the vegetation.


The bed rooms are arranged in the upper floor toward the edges of the house and have windows with wooden casings that open the whole corner.

Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-03 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-04 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-05 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-06 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-07 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-08 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-09 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-10 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-11 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-12 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-13 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-14 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-15 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-16 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-17 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-18 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-19 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-20 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-21 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-22 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-23 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-24 Recanto-Chácara-Flora-Residence-by-Vasco-Lopes-Arquitetura-25

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