4-Bedroom Richmond Home by AR Design Studio Architects

4-Bedroom Richmond Home by AR Design Studio Architects

Architects: AR Design Studio Architects
Location: Richmond, London, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Martin Gardner

Richmond House was a little and ugly 4 bed house; it was assembled from London stock in a neo‐Georgian style. The customers’ told AR Design Studio to re‐design and develop the property and the brief was to present another main room, a walk‐in closet, a vast living space and a kitchen with solid connections to the patio nursery.


Exchanges with the organizers toward the begin of the outline procedure demonstrated that any expansion to the building would have been dubious; their sentiment was that any visual effect to the road scene was prone to be negative to the region. Customary talks with the nearby arranging power guaranteed that a worthy plan was created with the organizer; a way that AR like to work to guarantee endorsement.


AR proposed a vertical tower component to the side of the current building which would house an utility room on the ground floor and the new main room on the first floor. The way of the vertical component subliminally lifts one and enhances mental well‐being when resting. The case officer proposed that the new tower ought to be in block to coordinate the current property. Utilizing the same material connected the two components.


The tower is joined with the current by a glass connection which sets a reasonable definition between the new and old whilst bringing light into the building. A solitary story expansion at the back of the house gave a substantial open‐plan kitchen, feasting and living space. This makes a light and vaporous space for the proprietors to live and gives Dylan, the canine, a lot of space to circled.


The outer façade is clad in decorated fibre‐cement cladding and sets a contemporary geometry. The flat, overwhelming and grounded nature of the augmentation is counterbalance by the field of sliding coating, which opens to make a space that hazy spots the limit in the middle of all around. A steel, timber and glass stair drives you up to the first floor which now houses the expert suit and in addition two re‐modelled further bedrooms and master bathroom.

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