Tschudi House by Men Duri Arquint

Tschudi House by Men Duri Arquint

Architects: Men Duri Arquint
Location: Zuoz, Switzerland
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Men Duri Arquint

The authorities house superbly sunny upper southern incline of Zuoz gives space to the exhibition proprietor couple, a visitor, issued or put away fine arts, terrarium with colorful reptiles, and a few vehicles. The five story Baute is essentially isolated into two regions: One for torrential slide incline wedge-molded last utilize zone in twofold shell uncovered cement with terrazzo floors makes a spatial congruity with the underground floors and offers ideal conditions for light-touchy photos.


In the territory served downhill internal dividers are put with shells Sumpfkalkmörtel and run the bases in strong dull oak. Here the front rooms and rooms and additionally extensive scale show-stoppers discover their place. A twofold Facility Wall isolates the two principle ranges and harbors oblige different fittings, unmistakable or undetectable building administrations, and also chimneys. All Schreiner installations, windows, blinds and entryways are in dim oak and go about as a binding together component in the generally double material standard.


The front room on the upper passageway level stretches out over the whole length of the building and structures the spatial focus of the house. A roof scene of two high shafts to the interceding strained shut guestrooms volume separated these primary room into three ranges inside and a secured open air space.

Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-03 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-04 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-05 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-06 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-07 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-08 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-09 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-10 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-11 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-12 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-13 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-14 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-15 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-16 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-17 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-18 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-19 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-20 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-21 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-22 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-23 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-24 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-25 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-26 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-27 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-28 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-29 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-30 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-31 Tschudi-House-by-Men-Duri-Arquint-32

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