Sculptured Central Nucleus Apartment in Barcelona by Sergi Pons architects

Architects: Sergi Pons architects
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 2,691 sqft / 250 sqm
Photo courtesy: Adrià Goula

The flat is arranged in a building of the fifties in the higher piece of Barcelona, with a wide square floor of around 250 square meters. The customers required an awesome number of rooms and bathrooms.

© Adrià Goula

We update a focal core of a square floor containing the components of correspondence, of access, water offices and an inside yard that supplies light to the kitchen and the passage.

© Adrià Goula

All flow in the condo happens around this component, going from the more open space to the more private one naturally, with no need of entryways. This focal core yard is the vital structure of the undertaking.

© Adrià Goula

The kitchen, the primary component of the flat, is outlined as a consistent white bar of seven meters that gives working space and breakfast table. The kitchen contraption and the wine bar are put in the center some portion of the bar.

© Adrià Goula

The primary room, the lounge room, is partitioned into three spaces: the living room, the lounge area and a space for work. There are two components that different these spaces, a wooden library and a wine bar that goes about as an isolating divider.

© Adrià Goula

Wooden oak pieces of the floor of the focal core and oak entryways in the lounge room underline it’s unadulterated geometry and in the meantime give warmth up and down the circuit around the flat.

© Adrià Goula

In the kitchen the dark solid floor remains interestingly with the glow of the white painted blocks and the wooden floors of the new focal core.

© Adrià Goula

The expectation is to produce through immaculate geometries and diverse compositions of materials an unending number of visual, spacial and straightforwardness associations.

© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
Floor plan


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