4 Secrets to Improving the Security of Your Home

4 Secrets to Improving the Security of Your Home

Unfortunate as it is, we live in an ever-changing world where new threats are always around the corner. While this isn’t something anyone enjoys dwelling on, we are lucky enough that even with all these issues of security and safety, we exist in the most technologically advanced time and have innumerable proven ways to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families. Through securing your home, you will give yourself the gift of peace of mind. These security measures will prevent intrusion for the long haul. Let’s get in to the best secrets to improving your home security.


  1. Alarm System

This should be a no-brainer as the number one spot on the list. Alarm systems are great, as they are not only helpful after the fact of a burglary, but they mainly serve as a large point of prevention.

When potential burglars or intruders see an alarm system, they are statistically less likely to attempt a break-in. The trick here is that it must be obvious that the alarm system is armed and used often. A dusty alarm pad visible through your front window is a dead giveaway that the alarm isn’t used often and might still be worth a break-in to the intruder. Keep your alarm on at all times when away from your home.

Most alarm systems can alert local law enforcement if there is a breach, getting them on the scene immediately if someone does break in. This could prevent additional loss and get the perpetrator arrested before he even leaves your property!


  1. Fresh Door Locks

Depending on how long you’ve resided in your current home, it may be time to update the locks on your doors. Changing your locks regularly will beat the chances of anyone from the past possibly having access to your home.

It can be easy to forget who you let borrow keys once before, so rather than keeping meticulous track, simply change the locks every few years to enhance your home security. Getting a Locksmith in West Palm Beach out to your property, switching locks and providing new keys is a simple task. Even if you live in what you believe to be an incredibly safe area, it’s not worth the risk.


  1. Motion Detection

Motion detection and security camera systems are two of the more advanced items on this list. As a homeowner, you should be willing to take advantage of these newer safety precautions in order to keep your home, its residents, and possessions safe.

Many security systems now offer night vision cameras, motion activated lights or motion-activated resident notification. These sensors are so advanced that they can pick up any movement within a certain radius, either turning on lights, alerting the homeowner of motion, or both.

Both the light systems and camera systems are great investments into your home, as they make it increasingly harder for a burglar to break in unannounced.


  1. Maintain Constant Presence

One of the biggest tricks to improving the security of your home doesn’t even require a technical system or hardware. All it requires is a bit of effort on your part every day to make it seem like you are presently at home.

Signs that someone is home are some of the biggest deterrents to burglars. If you’re away, things like piling up mail, a closed garage with no cars, lights off, and even publicized social media posts advertising vacation can be dead giveaways of an empty home.

Next time you plan to leave, make sure to leave a couple lights on or invest in automated timers that can turn on in certain intervals to make the appearance that someone is home. You could also leave a locked car in the driveway to make it seem like someone is there. Always arrange for someone to take in your mail if away for a while, as a large pile of mail in a mailbox tells anyone who sees it that you haven’t been there in a long time.

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