5 Eco-Friendly Ways You Can Renovate Your Home

5 Eco-Friendly Ways You Can Renovate Your Home

There’s a common misconception that eco-friendly homes look boring or cost a lot of money, but neither of these are true. In fact, carrying out an environmentally friendly renovation requires you to be innovative in order to find solutions, meaning a green home can be on-trend and exciting.

To help you with your eco-friendly DIY work, here are 5 green renovation tips.

Reclaim and Upcycle

When working on your home, it can be easy to get carried away and splash out the cash on loads of brand new furniture and homewares. However, not only does this damage your bank balance, it’s not good for the environment, either.

Instead, think about purchasing second-hand or upcycling. You can even do this for expensive rooms, like the kitchen, which could save you thousands and benefit the environment.

Choose Green Materials

You may not have put much thought into the materials in your home, other than how they look, feel and match your interior. But there are many materials that are toxic or have a long production process which releases a lot of CO2.

To combat this, try to incorporate green materials in your home. This could include bamboo, cork and hemp, among others. These are more sustainable materials, making them more Earth-friendly.

Reuse Where Possible

Whether you’re taking down a brick wall, or simply replacing a light fitting, there’s always a way you can reuse old materials. Rather than throwing those bricks away or discarding the light, think about other ways they can be used.

For example, giving a lightshade a makeover means it could be used in another room, reducing the amount of waste your home contributes to landfill.

Invest in Insulation

A property that is badly insulated can cost more to heat and while this may have a big impact on your utility bills, it can also increase the size of your home’s carbon footprint.

As such, when carrying out renovation work, always consider insulation. By using high quality insulation and plasterboard, like the products from CCF, you can help your home stay warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer, all while reducing your bills and environmental impact.

Select Efficient Appliances

Sometimes, you have no choice but to buy new. This may be true if your fridge or washing machine breaks, meaning you have to go out and replace them.

If this happens, try looking for more energy efficient appliances. These use less power to run, which could help to reduce your household bills as well as take care of the environment.

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