Chalet Black Pearl by Philippe Capezzone

Black Pearl Chalet by Philippe Capezzone

Location: Val d’Isère, France
Area: 3,330 sqft
Price: 18,000€ to 33,000€ per week
Photo courtesy: Chalets Pearl

Chalet Black Pearl provides an exclusive environment in which our guests savour complete privacy combined with highly professional and personalized services from truly dedicated staff. Spread over 4 levels, this spacious chalet has a swimming pool, steam room and a cinema room and can host 10 people in 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.


A fine mix of contemporary design mingled with traditional Savoyard stone and wood, creating the perfect atmosphere for guests to gather around the fireplace and relax after an amazing day’s skiing.


Your private chef is at your disposal proposing a wealth of sweet and savoury delights, creating unforgettable evenings spent in front of a crackling fire with canapés and champagne followed by delicately prepared dishes – a gourmet’s paradise in an intimate atmosphere.


When you arrive in the chalet you are immediately drawn to the swimming pool area. With its unusual shape and impressive volume this wellness area will undoubtedly be the place for many happy moments shared with family and friends. The swimming pool has a Jetstream and there is also a steam room, cinema screen and zoned relaxation areas.


The home cinema room has a Play Station, a great choice of DVD’s, a multitude of TV channels and, of course, a large movie library with all the latest films available. A great place for both adults and children alike.

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