House on the Stream Morella by Andrea Oliva

House on the Stream Morella by Andrea Oliva

Architects: Andrea Oliva
Location: Castelnovo, Italy
Year: 2009
Area: 4,198 sqft / 390 sqm
Photo courtesy: Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert

To the outskirts of the nation of Castelnovo Sotto, beetween the stream Morella and a roman street, in a scene connection portrayed from channels, trench, columns, shrubby stains, greenery enclosures, estates and farming houses it puts the “House on the Morella”.


Its typological worth is characterized by its association with the street and as a necessary piece of the scene; this is accomplished through the improvement of inner and outer perspectives and through the communication in the middle of solids and voids (yards and windows). The connections in the middle of structural engineering and scene, closeness and separation, open and private and the spectator and the observatory are additionally considered.


Embedded between country scene and onlooker to 60mt from the street, suspended by the ground to insurance of the tall stratum of shallow wather and to memory of the establishments “terramare”, the home is made out of two stunned components to upper east: the patio or climatic mitigator and the lodging space or protecting body.


The substantial yard additionally characterizes the limit between the house and the farmland. “Free protests, for example, the staircases and the slopes with the same formal and metaphorical nature, speak to a characteristic augmentation of the streets and ways.


The veneers are treated with an outside protection and completing framework; they are concealed by the patio and are portrayed by solids and voids, consequently showing up in connection with the encompassing scene. On closer examination, a fine detail of scores partitions the veneers into a few sections that speak to the compositional structures on a more private scale. The south-bound veneer is comprised of vast obscuring sliding boards that can stay open, half shut or totally shut; the boards liven up the building by giving an endless mix of lines, geometric and wonderful connections, which thus go about as an immediate witness of the seasons, of light, of the changing climate and as an image of contemplation.


With an introduction of 18° toward west the house endeavors to the best the common commitments that, due to the geometry of the patio, of the sufficient surfaces south glass entryway and of the streaming darkening, they suspect the opening to the “winter sun” and the assurance from the “evening summer sun.” The learn about the sun based axonometries has permitted, along these lines, to fortunately evaluate the rate of the sun on the wrap and get into extent the altered screenings of the vertical settis and the level shades and the versatile screenings of the streaming pannels.


The mix of a few characters of the farming houses they are proposed through a reason euclidea, that in the key structure capacity, distils components as the “porta morta” (passing space in the living arrangement with extent of ventilation), the “sporto di gronda” (scope’s expansion for security of the vertical masonries) and the “colonnade” (coordinated scope or compared for the assurance of transparent spaces of the building).


The habitation has a structure in portant dividers (littler vicinity of warm scaffolds), constituted by blocks with pores, of 38cm (15in), coupled to a layer of coat separator on the outside side of 10cm (3.93in), the storage rooms are made of tiles and cement with questions in strengthened cement, coibentate and isolated while the scope had a layer of 22cm (8.6in) of confinement, that is coupled to a scope mantle in crease iron, depleting, associated with a framework that get the downpour water. The windows are in plywood with low emissive glass and gas argon.


The plant configuration is coordinated with domotic and permits a lessening of the utilizations through the control of the temperature of the single rooms, the inclination for a proficient occupation of the considerable electrical machines, the programmed killing of the lights in unfilled spots, the checked era of warm water for sanitaries and the regulation of the utilization times for every single instruments.


The warmth framework is constituted by brilliant boards feeded by a low buildup heater while the clean warm water is coordinated from boards sun based, places on the scope, where an incorporated photovoltaic framework for 6kW is in advancement of acknowledgment. The living arrangement is enriched with an automated framework for the rycircle of the air, that bring the planned utilization for the warming to 5,19kWh/mq.year.

House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-10 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-11 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-12 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-13 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-14 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-15 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-16 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-17 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-18 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-19 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-20 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-21 House-on-the-Stream-Morella-by-Andrea-Oliva-22

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