Bogatyrskiy Modern Apartment by GEOMETRIUM

Bogatyrskiy Modern Apartment by GEOMETRIUM

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Year: 2014
Area: 76 sqm
Photo courtesy: GEOMETRIUM

The client wanted the interior was made from natural materials. It was necessary to combine the kitchen-dining and living room in one room and make a separate wardrobe. Also we had to make a large amount of storage system. The interior released light, a bit minimalistic, but on the other hand – comfortable enough. The basis is the combination of marble, wood and black graphical elements.


The apartment layout is divided into several areas: personal (bedroom, dressing room, zone make-up) and social (kitchen-living-dining room). There are bathrooms and a guest room between them. According to the designers, it is a very convenient option of arrangement. The hallway is separated from the living room by vertical wooden slats. This decision allowed to visually add the space of corridor to the roomat the same time separating it. There is roomy enough wardrobe between the kitchen and the hallway, where it can be stored not only casual wear, but also inter-seasonal things.


The door to the bedroom has normal size, but it looks high because there is a wooden panel in color at the top. This solution looks very impressive with the rails on the ceiling and walls. Vertical elements in the bedroom (doors, curtains, headboard, mirrors on the walls), in conjunction with light, visually increase the height of the ceiling. There is a whole dressing room behind the mirrored door. 


The balcony was insulated and connected to the bedroom. There is a make-up zone on the balcony. The radiator on the balcony is electric. Other radiator was hidden behind a curtain at the window. Guest room is a very simple. There is a small sofa, TV and cabinet, which kept ironing board. Shower and toilet are decorated with tiles of natural marble, as well as throughout the interior are used wooden elements.

Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-04 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-05 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-06 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-07 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-08 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-09 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-10 Bogatyrskiy-Modern-Apartment-11

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