Modern Clifton 2A Residence by SAOTA

Modern Clifton 2A Residence by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2014
Area: 1120 sqm
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch

An adaptable contemporary family habitation on a fabulous yet difficult site. “The owners brief was to plan an adaptable contemporary family living arrangement. The site was breathtaking requiring an outline that could react to a testing slopped corner site and its viewpoints” says Thaabe Ramabina of SAOTA.


The site is situated on the edge underneath Lions Head with 270° perspectives of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles past. It is a great corner site – a smaller wedge of steep, predominately south-bound slope with introduction to winning winds and its longest limit on an occupied street. Watchful investigation of all site conditions to a great extent educated the configuration.


A key procedure to make a liberal level for foremost front rooms was to hoist the primary level on a plinth containing visitor rooms and auxiliary spaces, for example, the Gym, Study, Garage and all plant This Ground Floor is in part set into the precarious site along these lines expanding the living level and raising it over the uproarious common street. The First and Second Floors were then set back, divided and pivoted to make a focal yet shielded outside porch. A glass scaffold frames the connection between the divided structures at the upper levels and allows North daylight to sparkle between the room wings and into the focal regions on the South side of the house.


“Because of the steepness of the site and the resultant removal, the auxiliary edge of the house for all intents and purposes takes after the normal ground level – this intrinsic dramatization was communicated as a major aspect of the general stylish of the house”, says Tamaryn Fourie Project Leader.


By raising the fundamental living territories and with cautious thought of the arranging around the Ground Floor – protection from the street and commotion decrease was accomplished. The Ground Floor rooms all have twofold coating.


Liberal shades, outer sliding screens and punctured steel and aluminum roof help with actually shading the veneers. All entryways and windows have execution coating and are for the most part full tallness which, together with the watchful game plan of interior spaces, guaranteed that the heavenly perspectives are advanced for all rooms.


Arranging was likewise a need; 7 yellow wood trees were diminish the edge and lavish vegetation disguises holding structures; on the level over a more formal grass moves the living ranges on their raised plinth.


On landing one is lead up fragile cantilevering solid stairs close by an enormous off-screen solid divider which decreases drastically towards its base – and thus into a triple volume Entrance Foyer. Here guests are invited by a model set into a water-highlight and, through full stature coating, looks of mountain past. Solid stairs are suspended above and channel shafts of refracted morning light making a feeling of quiet. The Study, Gym, Massage Room and lavish Guest Bedrooms are all arranged at the Ground Floor behind vegetation, screens and twofold coating obligingly layered to give security and peace.


North from the principle stairs the Entrainment Room with its faceted weathered copper bar, common stone tops and custom laser-cut aluminum screen behind presents a rich, point by point contemporary living space. The Family Room, Kitchen, Dining and Lounge are toward the South and all stream flawlessly onto the halfway situated External Terrace which, however raised, is protected by the precisely turned room wings above-whilst perspectives out are immensely progressed. A blue mosaic edge stream pool runs the length of the patio and brings ocean and sky into the living spaces.


The family rooms are deliberately situated at the Second Floor with sweeping perspectives and rich insides. All have their own changing areas, en-suite bathrooms and private galleries.


The fundamental en-suite appreciates rich serenity of every single white completion complete with an outside shower and perspectives onto the National Park. The linearity of the changing area is emphasizd by focal sky facing windows which scoop common light into an interior space encompassed by full-stature joinery. The main room is put forth as though pushed towards the perspective of the coast whilst clerestory coating superbly catch another perspective up to the link station and Table Mountain. A modified chimney with a weathered Corten funnel shaped pipe and cleaned solid plinth finish the rich live-in shelter whose off-shade solid divider diverge from smooth recolored oak framing and common timber floors.


“The tasteful of the house – when seen remotely – is of dainty steel edges to punctured eyebrows drifting above groups of full stature coating counterbalance against the gigantic and expressive solid structure. Inside, off-screen solid dividers hold their timber-covered surface, and, with characteristic stone floors have been sandblasted to give warmth and composition against the all the more profoundly completed divider and roof completions”, says Tamaryn Fourie Project Leader.

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