Balcony House by A-cero

Balcony House by A-cero

Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 10,250 sqft
Photo courtesy: A-cero

This single family house has an area of 952 m2 (10,250 ft2) arranged on 3 levels and seated on an independent plot of 2000 m2 (21,530 ft2) with a prime location in a natural environment, and only 14km (9mi) from the city center.


This design is a reflection of its exterior architecture. It harnesses the breadth of open spaces and the double heights with wooden structures that wrap the stays. This spaciousness is enhanced by the large amount of natural light that comes from the large windows existing at all levels, both in common and private areas.


The furniture of the living room, like the kitchen, has been designed and built personalized for the customer, with high quality finishes. LED lighting is the protagonist in the interior, marking the architecture and creating lines that frame the spaces.

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