Room Designs for Boys

Ideas great for every style

When you imagine a boy’s room you think about superheroes, blue walls and toys all over the room. This picture can change if you follow our suggestions for a more sophisticated boys’ room.

A room inspired by sports

You can adopt an industrial style by painting the walls in black and white stripes. A punching bag and an industrial light will help you set the sports atmosphere.

Pastel for Boys

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. This is an outmoded assumption. Paint the walls white and include any kind of pastel colors, a multi-colored rug and a great variety of toys. Include a loft bed and a desk and your stylish room is ready.

Shaded tones

It’s possible your boy wants all sorts of blue and green, you could compromise with dimmed versions that will give his room a fresh, yet stylish room. Try a bed layered with muted blue and yellow bedding with animal wall posters.

Neutral colors

A neutral colors palette create a timeless and transitional space that will last throughout the years. You can change the wall posters to keep the fresh look of the room.

Use patterns

Try using a palette of red and blue for the pinstriped walls, a patterned rug, wave patterned pillows and polka dot bedding to balance the elegance with youthfulness.

Find your nautical inspiration

If your boy is the adventurous type, a nautical theme is an easy way to create a fun and chic space for your him. The bright blue for the bed frames, windows give the room a young look, perfect for your dare-devil boy.

A bold choice for the rug

If you choose a nautical theme, choosing a bold choice for the rug will be a chic choice. The wall art and tiger rug are movable accents that add a youngness without feeling tacky.

Prepare the room for the mature years

The transition from childhood to teen years is difficult and the right decorative elements can help your adolescent feel more opened in his room. A map on the wall can be an interactive piece for a young child, while its unique coloring makes it a perfect accent for an adult. The scattered blues are energetic, and still lend a tranquil vibe.

Display for toys

Every mother knows how hard it is to display the toys and keep an organized aspect of the room. Shelves above the bed are a good choice. It will keep the toys organized while your boy will have an easy access to his most used toys, making them an accent as opposed to an eyesore.

Map on the wall

The map on the wall is a good choice for a global perspective with the use of a world map as wallpaper. Great for adventurous young boys and adolescents.

Combine vintage and new

Add a vintage wallpaper on one wall and paint the other walls in light blue. Add a vintage wooden horse and vintage aspect toys’ organizers.

Which idea is a good fit for your home design?

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