Vila Real de Itu 2 by Gebara Conde Sinisgalli Arquitetos

Vila Real de Itu 2 by Gebara Conde Sinisgalli Arquitetos

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 3,014 sqft
Photo courtesy: Gebara Conde Sinisgalli Arquitetos

Located in a residential condominium in the country side of São Paulo, Brazil, this 280m² (3014ft²) house was designed for a couple with three children as a weekend and vacation house.


Because of the dry and warm weather, the concept of the project was double high ceiling at the social areas, cross ventilation in the bedrooms, generous eaves, ceramic roof and exterior living area.


The implantation of the house in the terrain came from the dialogue between architecture and landscaping projects. The house sits on this lightly sloping land in three levels. The social and service areas are in the intermediate level, meanwhile the other two levels are projected for the bedrooms. A great wooden deck floats over the garden, supporting the view to the woods and the one lap swimming pool.

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