Trevose House situated near alushly planted residential neighbourhood in Singaporee A D LAB

Trevose House situated in a lushly planted residential neighbourhood in Singapore A D LAB

Architects: A D LAB
Location: Singapore
Year: 2015
Area: 5,210 sqft / 484 sqm
Photo courtesy: Masano Kawana

Arranged at a corner intersection in a richly planted private neighborhood in Singapore, the Trevose semi isolates house, despite the fact that highlighting noticeably in the city because of its area, is encompassed by experienced downpour trees and surrounded by calm walkways. The modelers at AD Lab Pte Ltd were driven by the thought that the building ought to be a delicate continuation of its environment.

© Masano Kawana

They sought to resound and even enhance the magnificence and serenity of the site with the new building, notwithstanding displacing a great part of the current ground level greenhouse all the while. This aspiration to broaden the soul of the site, its feeling of greenhouse, delicate development and serenity, represented a test to the planners given the broad automatic prerequisite of the proprietors, who live as an expansive multi-generational family on the site.

© Masano Kawana

The modelers could satisfy the aggressive settlement needs of the proprietors by making an exceedingly conservative building structure with a little patio to bring light and air into its middle. With a specific end goal to supplant the uprooted garden, they planned an extensive greenhouse veranda that wraps in a spiraling movement around and up the outside exterior of the house.

© Masano Kawana

This veranda is planted with greenery and outwardly proceeds onto the principle rooftop with a green yard that wraps over the rooftop frames. This structural dialect of enclosing green scene around the building reverberates with the calm planted street edge and walkways that wrap around the site.

© Masano Kawana

Beside delicately blending the building into the site, these long winding verandas likewise serve as expansions of the individual rooms and connection the different spaces of the house, making a feeling of network where the proprietors are have an agreeable patio nursery space where they can all meet and meet up as a family.

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

© Masano Kawana

Site plan

Second Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Attic Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Elevation 1

Elevation 2

Elevation 3

Section AA

Section BB

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