Back to square one suite for Futurcret at Casa Decor Barcelona, Spain by Egue y Seta

Back to square one suite for Futurcret at Casa Decor Barcelona, Spain by Egue y Seta

Designers: Egue y Seta
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 48 sqm
Photos courtesy: Victor Hugo

This room, organized symmetrically around a glass desert garden, offers separate zones for resting, prepping and unwinding outwardly coordinated by wooden shades and the greenery of a fascinating indoor greenhouse encompassing a Zen-roused shower. The “live green coatings” that line the dividers at every end of the room, serving as a bed headboard and a setting of a stroll in storage room, stand out from the general dim dark small scale solid envelope.

cad_bcn-20101105-1641 copy

This delicate visual surface is along these lines upgraded by the brushing light threw from a polluted wooden base swung into a long valuable sideboard by its irregular tallness and thickness. Let yourself be tempted by the shining lights of vintage signs calling the first’s name lady to live and sin. Let the feel temp you with the delicateness of its hide bed covers and the sound of dribbling water.

cad_bcn-20101105-1644 copyEgue y Seta propose a suite where “gnawing the apple”, a long way from ousting you, will open the entryways to Eden. An outfitted patio nursery where the enticement appears through wooden grids, palm leaves and glass transparencies, proposing an arrival to a libertine heaven where it would be a wrongdoing not to start from the very beginning once more!


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