The amazing Meera Sky Garden House in Singapore by Guz Architects

The amazing Meera Sky Garden House in Singapore by Guz Architects

Architects: Guz Architects
Year: 2010
Area: 9,171 sqft / 852 sqm
Location: island of Sentosa, Singapore
Photos courtesy: Patrick Bingham-Hall


This house is situated on another lodging domain on the island of Sentosa neighboring Singapore. The plots are not extensive and neighboring structures are manufactured near the sides of every house.


In this manner our technique was to manufacture a strong divider to every side neighbor to give protection where conceivable, while making a focal light and stair well which would pipe the ocean easily finish the focal point of the building. The front and back of the building in the interim, patio back permitting every story to have visual or real access to greenery.


The goal was to attempt to permit every rooftop patio nursery gave a base to the story above permitting the layered impact to make every story feel like it was a solitary story abiding sitting in a much as we could do in the nearby limitations Sentosa island and with such an expansive building!

Mera-House-03 Mera-House-04 Mera-House-05 Mera-House-06 Mera-House-07 Mera-House-08 Mera-House-09 Mera-House-10 Mera-House-11

Mera-House-21 Mera-House-22

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