The 5* Star Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Resort

The 5* Star Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Resort

Location: Maldives

Photos courtesy: Hilton Worldwide


The award-winning 5 Star Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Resort is set on two private islands, offering beach and water villas among miles of idyllic white-sand beach and unspoilt reef.


Positioned in a picturesque corner of the Maldives, this luxury resort was twice voted “Best Hotel in the World” and several times“Best Resort”.
Conrad Rangali boasts 50 luxurious water villas, 79 exotic beach villas and 21 fabulous spa water villas with private treatment rooms.
The resort also has seven world-class restaurants and four bars to choose from.
Its flagship restaurant is the unique Ithaa Under Restaurant, set 16 feet below level and the world’s first all-glass under restaurant with unparalleled 180° views of marine life.
Upon request, the under water restaurant can be converted into a private suite, including a champagne dinner and breakfast in bed!

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