Raumplan House by Alberto Campo Baeza

Raumplan House by Alberto Campo Baeza

Architects: Alberto Campo Baeza
Location: Aravaca, Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 5,382 ft²/ 500 m²
Photo courtesy: Javier Callejas Sevilla

2+2+2 is substantially more than only 6.

The house is situated on an inclining plot with a scene of far off skyline none other than Madrid’s western mountain range saw from Camarines. At ground level it doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be anything uncommon, however as we go up we devour our eyes on an all encompassing perspective of the urban scene of the east of Madrid.


From the four towers to one side to the Madrid tower to one side. Excellent, and inquisitive moreover. Sensibly the more open parts of the house will be at the upper levels to outline and appreciate the shocking perspectives.


Agreeing to winning regulations we are required to work with a square ground arrangement of 12×12 m that is isolated into four 6×6 m squares. Taking after this example, the ground planes are raised, square by square, with a basic helicoidal development.


The spaces are of twofold tallness and converge with each other creating diagonality which is additionally helicoidal. The outcome exceptionally well clarifies the proposition we set out with, to be specific that 2+2+2 is more than only 6.


In this manner in this house a known spatial component is utilized, the Raumplan, with the connection of spiraling twofold spaces. Every two twofold spaces are associated by vertical dislodging so that an inclining space is made.


In the event that, as we go up, we turn 90 degrees and interface it with the other two, and on the off chance that we keep on going up turning a further 90 degrees, we get a stunning spatial structure: the connection of three spiraling corner to corner spaces, much the same as a corkscrew, which promote clarifies our announcement that 2+2+2 is considerably more than 6.


Once the house is fabricated and the fitting openings are made, much the same as those of a musical instrument, so it is loaded with light, and once that instrument is tuned, we can highlight the development of the strong light of the sun for the duration of the day.


The housetops planted with jasmine and vines will be a delightful component, their vast spaces surrounding this abnormal Madrid scene. Thus confined with vines and jasmines will be the patios underneath opening onto the greenery enclosure.

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